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From zero to professional trader Merchant Success Story

In episode 306 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I sit down with full time professional trader Michael Toma. Although we have been working together for almost two years, this is the first time he has revealed his business success story and the obstacles he faces publicly.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • 0:15 Introduction
  • 0:37 Who is Michael Toma and what does he do
  • 1:18 What Michael’s life was like before he got involved in the trade
  • 2:25 How Michael started negotiating
  • 4:10 How Michael overcame some of his most difficult times in the trade
  • 7:26 How was Michael’s learning process
  • 9:05 What were some of the obstacles that Michael faced when developing as a trader
  • 12:04 Why Michael explored other businesses while growing his business
  • 13:47 How Michael adapted his mindset to become a great trader
  • 15:27 What is Michael’s business style
  • 17:42 How you can scale your trade full time
  • 19:29 How Michael manages his time among his many businesses
  • 23:46 What does Michael think about algorithmic trading
  • 25:58 How old was Michael when he started trading
  • 26:38 What are some principles that never change in the market
  • 28:41 Michael thinks about using artificial intelligence (AI) in commerce
  • 32:02 Can you negotiate a good job and a sustainable income?
  • 35:15 How Michael’s business style has changed over the years
  • 38:42 What period of time does Michael use to operate and manage risk
  • 40:29 How Michal has faced his behavioral challenges
  • 43:17 How Michael continued to persevere to become a successful trader
  • 46:09 What motivated Michael to keep growing as a trader
  • 47:55 What Michael thinks about merchant financing programs (online prop companies)
  • 50:37 Where to find Michael Toma
  • and much more

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