Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

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“Trip funded by a 6-digit merchant”

In episode 307 of the Podcast Desire To Trade, I sit down with Franklin Lyembela as he shares his success story to become a 6-figure income-funded marketer.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • 0:00 Start
  • 0:15 Introduction
  • 0:43 Who is Franklin Lyembela and what was his business trip
  • 2:08 How Franklin made a profit and started trading with various prop companies
  • 5:20 Why Franklin decided to engage in currency trading
  • 6:05 How Franklin started trading the wrong way
  • 7:18 How Franklin realized he needed to radically change his business
  • 8:43 How The Desire to Trade Podcast helped Franklin improve his trade
  • 9:54 How Franklin began to learn to negotiate the right way
  • 11:52 When Franklin learned he was ready to become a funded merchant
  • 12:40 What was Franklin’s experience with Prop firm Challenges
  • 14:23 Why Franklin kept trying after failing his first Prop Challenge
  • 15:20 How Franklin managed to win and keep funding for The5% ers
  • 17:37 How Franklin chose which prop company to work with
  • 8:01 PM Has Franklin experienced any issues with prop companies?
  • 21:07 Overview of Franklin trading systems
  • 22:13 Why Franklin doesn’t use indicators and what he trades
  • 25:43 What terms does Franklin use to operate
  • 26:11 How Franklin manages trade and personal time
  • 28:11 What a day in Franklin’s life
  • 30:34 How Franklin is constantly improving his mindset as a successful trader
  • 31:35 How Franklin Uses Desire To Trade Podcast To Further Improve Your Trade
  • 34:44 Where can you find Franklin
  • 35:14 What are Franklin’s goals for the future
  • 37:32 Franklin’s best tips for marketers (get a mentor)
  • And many more!

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What should you implement after listening to this podcast episode? Leave a comment below or join the Facebook group.

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