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Dividends are payments from companies that share their profits with their investors. They offer a regular source of income that can increase over time. This makes them particularly attractive for long-term investments, as well as for older investors, particularly those who are retiring or are already retired. Even a small dividend yield can result in impressive returns after many years. Dividends can also offer protection against market volatility, another reason why investors include these shares in their portfolios.

Superior Shares of strong buy dividends

Using the TipRanks dividend calendar, we looked for major shares with an ex-dividend date of August 2021. Investors must own the shares before the ex-dividend dividend date to receive the next dividend payment. We focused on higher dividend stocks with a minimum return of 5% (one has 4.98%, so we’ve included it!). Four of the five shares have a maximum smart score of 10 out of 10 according to our data-based stock score.

We found five main actions that match these criteria.

Energy transfer (ET)

Dividend yield: 6.08%
Date of ex-dividend: 5 August
Payment ratio: 61.22%
Date of payment: August 19

Energy transfer is one of the largest energy companies in the United States. The average stock price of $ 13.88 indicates a potential upside of more than 42% over the next 12 months. Financial bloggers also feel optimistic and news coverage on ET is very positive, according to our News Score.

Overview of energy transfer analysis

NuStar Energy (NS)

Dividend yield: 9.66%
Date of ex-dividend: 5 August
Payment ratio: -113.23%
Date of payment: 12 August

NuStar transports petroleum products and anhydrous ammonia and is engaged in the termination, storage and marketing of petroleum products. The average stock price target of $ 20.33 shows a bullish potential of more than 23%. Analysts, bloggers and news sentiment may be bullish, although individual investors are less enthusiastic, with a 25.3% drop in the number of portfolios holding stocks.

overview of nustar analysis

OneMain Holdings (OMF)

Dividend yield: 15.11%
Date of ex-dividend: 5 August
Payment ratio: 72.91%
Date of payment: 13 August

Consumer finance company OneMain operates in the field of personal lending. The shares have received 9 purchase valuations in the last three months, with no retention or sale valuations. Not only are analysts on the rise, six hedge funds added OMFs to their holdings last quarter, while three opened new positions. Three hedge funds reduced their holdings in OMF.

Phillips 66 (PSX)

Dividend yield: 4.98%
Date of ex-dividend: 17 August
Payment ratio: -63.75%
Payment date: September 1

Phillips 66 is a multinational energy company based in Texas. Processes, transports, stores and markets fuels and related products. The stock has received eight purchase ratings and two retention ratings in the last three months. The average price target of $ 94.50 indicates a bullish potential of almost 27%. This positive sentiment is echoed by investors with a smart TipRanks portfolio. In the last 30 days, there has been a 2.2% increase in the number of portfolios with PSX.

Phillips stock analysis

Gladstone Commercial (BON)

Dividend yield: 6.54%
Date of ex-dividend: August 20
Payment Ratio: 2,054.79%
Payment date: September 31

Gladstone Commercial is a real estate investment trust that acquires, owns and operates properties in the United States. Three analysts have given the shares a buy rating in the past three months, and their average target price of $ 24.67 indicates about 7% up.

Dividend yield and dividend payment

Companies determine the amounts of dividends per share. This can make it difficult for investors to compare the best dividend stocks. Imagine investing $ 1,000 in 2 companies. One has shares that are exchanged for $ 10, the other has shares that are exchanged for $ 500. Both offer investors $ 2 per share in dividend payments. The solution to this is dividend yield. Shows the payment of dividends in relation to the share price as a percentage.

It is worth knowing the payout ratio of a dividend stock. This is the proportion of profits that a company pays as dividends. If the ratio is above 100%, this may mean that there is a possibility that a company will reduce its dividends.

See what other shares have an ex-August 2021 dividend date.

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