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Resale of clothing clearance continues to increase. In fact, resale is expected to grow 11 times faster than the broader retail clothing sector in 2025. Anything from sportswear to swimwear and formal skirts to casual clothing, if you can buy it in retail stores, you can probably also get it in resale. . According to a recent thredUP report, the second-hand market is expected to reach $ 77 billion over the next five years.

There are many sites dedicated exclusively to the resale of garments, today we will delve deeply into thredUP. ThredUP makes reselling incredibly painless with a self-proclaimed “online shipping and delivery store for your closet, your wallet and the planet”. You will learn the basics of thredUP, as well as the pros and cons of using this platform.

The basics of selling to thredUP

From Gap to Gucci, according to thredUP, you can find more than 35,000 brands on its platform. This online slogan store setting is unique in that it prioritizes the convenience of reselling. You don’t even have to list or photograph articles. Just fill out a kit with clothing items, ship it (with the shipping label included) and wait to see if it sells. When you mail your clothes, you go through a 12-point inspection. If the items meet their quality standards, they will get a price (which is done automatically by their pricing system) and will appear on thredUP available for business purchase.

There is a 12-hour window to update listing prices before bidding begins and then it will be active in the bidding program for an additional 12 hours. Adjustments can be made from here, with potential benefits of up to 80% PVP. You can use your winnings to make purchases using thredUP or withdraw money via PayPal or Stripe. Learn more about how the sale works here.

While thredUP is free to use, there are a few unique things to keep in mind. You have the last 7 days in the item listing window to retrieve this item, in addition to paying $ 5.99 for it to be resubmitted. And if you have exceeded 50% above the ad price suggested by thredUP, there will be an additional recovery fee of $ 5.99 (if not purchased, of course). If you do not claim unsold items, they will become property of thredUP. There is also an optional refund guarantee (a $ 10.99 service) that allows you to return items if they are not listed by thredUP. If some items are accepted and others are not, the refund guarantee commission of the total winnings of the bag will be deducted. If you do not select this service before shipping your items, items not included will be recycled and not returned.

Advantages of selling to thredUP

Priority in comfort

If you are looking for comfort, thredUP is a good choice. They make it easy for you to ship the clothes you want to sell or even donate (more on that later). To get started, sign up to receive a cleaning kit, fill it out and send it. You can also use your own box. Once the items have been shipped, inspected and photographed by thredUP. The seller makes a pretty low effort as you don’t need to get out of the professional camera and set up good lighting. And modeling clothes? A thing of the past!

Free cleaning service

You can sign up for this service for free. If selling isn’t your top priority or you may not be impressed with your possible payment, you can also choose to donate items. This facilitates the recycling of clothes responsibly. This can be useful for some items that you do not want to spend a lot of time preparing for resale. Either you may be trying to free up storage space or you want to delete a slow-moving list on another platform. Either way, it’s a great way to get some extra money on items you no longer want to go through the work of selling yourself.

You do not have to handle shipments or returns

thredUP provides the shipping label to mail to your clothes. In addition, buyers pay for shipping when they purchase items on the thredUP site. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any reduction in your benefits. And best of all, thredUP is in charge of compliance and shipping. This means that you do not have to make several trips to the post office.

Reach buyers of millennials and Gen-Z

More than 40% of consumers in the Millennial and Gen Z categories have bought second-hand in the last twelve months. This includes clothing, accessories and shoes. If your customers belong to this demographic, they are probably already buying from thredUP. It would make sense that it should also be sold to thredUP.

A more sustainable option

ThredUP promotes so far 1B free of CO2e thanks to its impact. If it’s important to support a circular economy, fight the negative environmental impacts of fashion, and maintain more clothing use, this is a great support platform. Join thredUP and add to its 100 million pieces that have been processed so far – they will surely increase!

Cons to sell at thredUP

Your articles may not be accepted

On other platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, you don’t have to worry about your items being “accepted”; just indicate what you want. But at thredUP, you need to keep certain things in mind, such as the level of inventory they already have in that size, brand, or style. And don’t forget seasonality and the approximate age of the item are two other important factors. Because they have distribution centers where items are processed, they must ensure that they accept quality items for the listing. Therefore, there is the added stress that the article is not accepted after the hassle of sending it has passed.

Important Note: thredUP also does not accept menswear, jewelry, sleepwear, unbranded children’s clothing, party dresses and bridesmaid dresses. See the full list of accepted / unaccepted items here.

Less attention to the designer

You can sell clothes, handbags, sunglasses, handkerchiefs and more for fashionable and very good condition women and children at thredUP. But if your niche is high-end, designer, luxury or vintage brands, you may be better off on platforms that specialize in it like Poshmark, The Real Real or Tradesy. Not only will other platforms cater to this audience, but they will even reach for trademark authentication. You can still find design articles at thredUP, but the public is not dedicated to it, which also translates into your earnings.

Profit margins are not guaranteed

The listing price is based on a few things, such as the estimated retail price, the age of the item, and the quality. In addition, the structure of the shipping warehouse does not allow you to fully control your profits. You have the first 12 hours to edit your ad price once the item has been accepted. But then you have to wait until after the bidding period to re-edit the price. Keep in mind that you are waiting for potential offers. People may not want to pay the best bucks on a second hand site. You may be forced to lower your price further if no one buys the item. See the table of possible payments based on selling prices.

accelerated pay table

Your thredUP

While this is not a bargain price seems positive to some, for others the lack of control can mean a huge downtime. When you know the profit margins you are trying to achieve, having less control over prices can be a big hurdle. Final earrings are also subject to promotional codes and discounts for customers.

List of windows

Items can be listed for a total of 60-90 days. For malls or “value brands” (think Old Navy and Target) items can be included for 60 days. For luxury brands / designers, such as Gucci and Michael Kors, items can be listed for 90 days. Some distributors operate as quickly as they can to change items. Other resellers keep tokens active for longer. That’s why it’s important to know these listing windows.

Fewer opportunities to market

Since you’re not responsible for taking photos or packing, you don’t really have much to market using thredUP. They take care of that. So if you’re looking for the opportunity to highlight beautiful photos or offer special promotions, it’s not up to you. Unlike other sites that rely heavily on the social aspect of sharing and promoting listings (we’re looking at Poshmark), you’ll run out of thredUP.

Overall, if you want to take a more hands-free approach, you might love this site. But if you’re looking for more control over profit margins, marketing your business, and trading, chances are this site isn’t for you.

Original clearance clothes for sale at thredUP

If you have a predilection for getting fashionable clothes from popular brands or even vintage finds, reselling clothing clearance is a good way to make money. You won’t find a shortage of customers, as these platforms are only growing in popularity. Sales officials surveyed by thredUP say their customers are already involved in the resale, why not participate in the action?

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