Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Today we will see a very interesting company in the healthcare sector, specifically the space focused on minimally invasive care with the use of medical robots.

There is a company that operates in this space Intuitive surgical (NASDAQ: ISRG) which produces and sells the so-called “da Vinci” and “Ion” surgical robots with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The use of surgical robots has been steadily increasing in recent decades, as they allow for minimally invasive surgery that involves complications of fever, faster recovery, shorter hospital stays, and therefore lower costs for both hospitals and patients. patients.

Now, why do we like it? Intuitive surgical as a potential long-term investment? Here are some key points that we believe are a strong argument for the continued and stable growth of the company:

  • The company already has more than 6000 da Vinci robots that operate globally with 1.2 million or more the surgeries are performed annually with their machines, which represents 79% of the robotic surgery market.
  • Annual revenues have risen to more than $ 4 billion in the last decade that is a 148% to increase.
  • It is continuously introducing new robotic platforms, such as the recent incorporation of the Ion platform, which allows minimally invasive lung surgeries to be performed.
  • Every robotic platform continually needs accessories and services that generate strong recurring revenue annually.

These key points should only be of interest to most investors.

Now, in addition to this, also add the fact that the company is pushing hard in the field of AI and is a market leader in the field, the amount of data they will be able to collect for machine learning is massive , which adds more value to potential stock / company investors.

So it doesn’t just do that Intuitive surgical we have a very strong core business, if they play their cards right, there is a lot of untapped potential for the company, so we think ISRG is a great potential candidate for any long-term portfolio.

Technical analysis

ISRG 2ndSkies Trading Stock Chart

These actions have been virtually one-way since 2009 and the current price action does not suggest that significant progress is being made. Therefore, investors who want to acquire these shares may have to settle for smaller setbacks in the strong long-term trend.

If we look at the weekly chart above, we believe that there would be possible setbacks towards the $ 875 i $ 825 Support area would be a good opportunity to look for long term tickets in this stock.

Positioning of options

There are currently approximately 28,000 calls and 25,000 calls, so there is a relative balance between the two. Option traders have about 12% of the range released for September’s Op-Ex, so it’s not a gangster amount, so there’s no option expiration pressure right now.

The key range positioning is about $ 1,000, so we expect the setbacks to be the first layer of support.

THE FULL REVELATION: Chris Capre does not currently hold any shares or options in ISRG. If you want more information The trades of Chris i positions, you can access through Negotiation masterclass where he shares his live business, additional investment ideas and daily market analysis.

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