Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

This week, most of the news will be provided by central banks and the flow of statistics will leave no room for boredom and spleen.

Central banks: no time to take breaks

Meetings will be held this week at the central banks of Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, the Czech Republic, India and Romania. In most cases, monetary and credit policy will remain unchanged. This is good for risky assets that can still enjoy demand.

USD: all eyes on statistics

This week, the U.S. releases labor market statistics, which is especially expected after comments from Jerome Powell. The NFP could have grown by 900 thousand in July, which can greatly support the US dollar.

AUD: It all depends on the decision of the RBA

This week, the Reserve Bank of Australia will hold a meeting and make a decision on the interest rate. The latter is expected to remain at 0.10% annually, but we may see clearer signs of stimulus settlement. This can make the AUD stronger.

GBP: The Bank of England will show the way

The Bank of England also has a meeting this week. The interest rate here will remain at 0.10% per annum, with no forecast of changes. Good news for the GBP is inflation-neutral rhetoric.

Brazil: We may experience turbulence

Brazil’s central bank is also making decisions this week on its credit and monetary policy. The interest rate could grow by 5.25% compared to the previous 4.25%. In the currencies of developing countries, volatility can grow.

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