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Update on Challenge Student Evan: Key Take Away

  • Evan joined my bargaining challenge in 2018 and, as of this writing, has now earned over $ 664,000 in profits. *
  • Find out how he retired after two red months for an amazing July.
  • He recently did his first business from an airport … How was it?

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I love that my students’ business dreams come true …

In 2018, Evan joined my business challenge. It was inspired by my business and travel lifestyle. Three years after his business career, he’s doing it. I’ve talked about Evan’s business trip in the past, but I’m happy to share his latest milestones …

Remove the training wheels

Image credit: Evan

Travel has been difficult over the last year or so. But in recent months, Evan has begun to move again. In fact, it has just made its first trade from an airport …

Before I go any further, I need to clarify something: Evan’s successes are the direct result of his own work.

As a teacher, I am just training wheels. I consider it my role to teach my students the challenge of trading the basics of trading and how penny stocks work.

The idea is not for them to copy me. Instead, I want them to learn from my DVDs, webinars, and my trades. (I publish ALL my trades publicly.)

I have put all these business education resources so that students can create a foundation. From here, they can build their own strategy.

Of course, many students don’t get it, they just want to choose and are told what to do.

Evan is a student who gets it. In April 2021 it approved the $ 500,000 profit mark. Now, in August 2021, he earned more than $ 100,000 beyond, despite having two red months in a row. *

From beginner trading to travel and profits of $ 600,000 +

What a difference a year ago. About a year ago, I tweeted that Evan was spending six figures on business profits * …

In July 2021, it had a six-figure MES. He now has more than $ 664,000 in business profits. *

It has been an amazing journey …

Evan’s business story soon

Evan was accepted into my business challenge in April 2018.

He had tried to negotiate on his own during college … But he didn’t really understand what he was doing and lost money.

Then he saw me on TV with Steve Harvey …

He checked me out and decided to try my business challenge.

Evan was immediately drawn to the short sale and began trading right away while studying.

Although he studied up to eight or twelve hours a day, his first 20 months were hard. He lost about $ 10,000 …

In retrospect, it should have reduced in size.

The good thing is that these losses caused him some sense. He got serious about studying.

penny checklist

Evan relied on my Trading Challenge resources. DVDs like Tim Grittani’s “Trading Tickers” helped him understand trading. (Did you know that “Trading Tickers 2” is now available? Don’t miss it!)

He also learned a lot from Challenge trader Roland Wolf and the Trading Challenge chat community.

Tracking the data was also huge for him. It helped him figure out which works were most likely to work with his style.

Check out their full business history in this post and keep reading to understand …

A constantly evolving strategy

The study and tracking of the data is fantastic. But to stay in the game, traders must continue to adapt.

Speaking of adapting, don’t miss these crucial lessons from my student Jack # 2, who earned over $ 2.6 million in business profits in August 2021 * …

Recently, Evan had a great lesson about the importance of adapting when he was two red months in a row.

When the patterns stop working

For months, Evan had been crossing with the pattern of the gap and shit.

No sure is the gap and shit pattern? Watch this video:

Evan has achieved this pattern. He even shares lessons about it on Twitter …

But all of a sudden, his boss stopped working.

During the months of May and June, nothing seemed to go wrong. For a short seller, this is bad. It was squeezed a few times. He definitely wrapped his head around it.

But two things helped …

Take a long-term perspective

Image credit: Evan

Right now, Evan has years of data on his initial pattern. Therefore, he understood that, in the long run, his pattern works even more often.

Knowing it had worked for years gave him the confidence to look forward to a challenging red period.

Ultimately, he was right and things changed. In July he ended up having one of his best months, making more than $ 100,000 in profits. *

This is the power of patience …

However, he drew attention to the fact that a larger market change could put its pattern in limbo for longer. He made her aware that she needs to broaden her horizons …

Focus on other patterns

Evan has been expanding his repertoire.

He’s been chatting on the long side with panic shopping in the morning. And he has been trading and tracking data during the first red day pattern.

He also continues to learn from other marketers to get ideas on how to approach the market.

Right now, Evan says he’s learning a lot from my students Dan Challenge Trading and Jack Kellogg. As of August 2021, they have risen by more than $ 1.7 million and $ 8.15 million, respectively. *

Faced with these impressive results, Evan is modest about his accomplishments: “I’m pretty good, but these guys are animals!”

Trade and travel

Image credit: Evan

Due to unprecedented world events, Evan had a fairly long travel drought.

But in recent months, it has returned to the road. Evan has been to Yosemite and Dallas, and plans to make several trips in the coming months.

Recently, he made his first trade from an airport and experienced an unexpected moment of gratitude.

There he was sitting in a cafe in front of the airport security gate. He had two laptops spread out on a table. He bought a coffee to be respectful, even though he doesn’t take it.

It might seem like a small moment in time, but it was a deep moment for him: “I felt so free … I felt good being in traffic.”

It was not amazing the setting of the cafe … It was the freedom and the ability to do it from anywhere. He tells me he felt very grateful.

I know this feeling well and I am very happy that Evan has experienced it. I hope there are many more moments like this coming to you.

Freedom, trade and travel

Image credit: Evan

One of the things I like most about trading is that you can model it in any type of career you want.

Evan was motivated to follow a lifestyle of travel and commerce. Now, with hard work and a laser focus, he is working to make that happen. *

He has paid his dues. It took time to learn the basics and go through some potholes on the road. Now, he has an incredible track record.

Remember: you have to have discipline. You have to be willing to adapt. And you need to cut the losses quickly.

I want all traders to explore the freedom that trade can bring. But I want them to understand that it will take a lot of work.

What is your approach to operating … What kind of lifestyle do you hope to achieve? Leave a comment below!

Exemptions from liability

* Please note that the reported business results are not typical and do not reflect the experience of most people who use our products. From January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, typical users of the products and services offered by this website reported an average profit of $ 49.91.

It takes years of dedication, work and discipline to learn to trade. Individual results will vary. Trade is intrinsically risky. Before doing any operation, remember to do your due diligence and never risk more than you can lose. I also hired Jack Kellogg to help me with my educational business.

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