Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

After a very volatile end last year, key metrics related to customer activity have continued to fall. Both March and April caused further falls in deposits and withdrawals made by retail forex traders. Finance Magnates Intelligence analyzes the latest data from cPattern.

The largest decline in recent months was observed in the case of the average size of deposits. Its value decreased from $ 2,673 in February to $ 1,896 in April, making it the lowest reading in the last twelve months. At the same time, the average withdrawal size decreased from $ 2,550 to $ 2,112. In addition, the size of the average deposit for the first time was also smaller.

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All of this suggests less commitment from traders. However, the data on their business activity remains more or less the same. Although the average number of transactions for a single trader in the top ten countries was 215 in February, in April it was 226.

Forex activity

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Deposits and withdrawals made by foreign exchange retailers

Currency deposits in April

Where has the merchants’ money gone? According to our data, the largest capital inflow was recorded in the UAE. Retailers in that country shipped, on average, $ 11,029 each to their trading accounts in April. Second, there was another country in the Middle East region, Bahrain, with an average of $ 8,986. The average monthly entry into the account of the top ten countries was $ 8,107.

withdrawals and currency deposits

The April average was less than the $ 9,729 we saw in March. However, the average monthly outflow of a single account in the top ten countries was higher in April than in March. This time it was $ 4,555, compared to the previous figure of $ 4,042.

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