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Basel-based ATAG Family Office AG is one of Europe’s leading multi-family offices. In 2016 it was established as an independent entity. In general, the history of the family office dates back to 1917. ATAG’s main services can be separated into four different fields: corporate and family governance, international law and taxation, wealth management, and lifestyle management. In this way, the family office covers all the main areas of wealthy families in Europe. The “Lifestyle” department deals with issues related to the management of real estate, ships and aircraft, as well as issues of philanthropy.

Key facts about the Swiss multifamily office ATAG

  • Approach: Wealth management, law, lifestyle
  • Services offered: Wealth Management, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Family Governance, Real Estate, Phiantropy
  • Location: Basel
  • Executives: Dr. Igor Rusek
  • Website: https://www.atag-familyoffice.ch

Image source: Vincent Ghilione

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