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If you’re interested in gaining an edge in the market with a real-time news selection program, it’s worth taking a look at Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews. These two news services are designed specifically for marketers and offer numerous features to deliver news that can be triggered as quickly as possible.

In this article, we will compare Benzinga Pro with TradeTheNews to help you decide which is the best news service for you.

About Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews

Benzinga was launched as a financial media platform in 2010 and now receives more than 16 million monthly visitors. Benzinga Pro, which was designed as a specific payment service for merchants, was launched a few years later. While the news on the two platforms is similar, Benzinga Pro publishes headlines in real time, while Benzinga is several minutes or more behind.

TradeTheNews is an older news service founded in 1997. The service was the first to introduce a squawk audio feature, which is now relatively standard among real-time market news services.

Benzinga Pro vs TradeTheNews - TradeTheNews

Benzinga Pro Vs. TradeTheNews: speed and quality of news

Both Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews are created to get headlines to merchants as quickly as possible. That said, TradeTheNews has a reputation for being a little faster than Benzinga Pro. We found that the difference is usually a few seconds, but this can make a significant difference in your profitability when trading with breaking news.

Benzinga Pro vs TradeTheNews - Benzinga News FeedThe two services are very comparable in terms of the quality of the news they offer. Both platforms pull headlines from major financial outlets (Bloomberg and Reuters), as well as from financial journalism and blogs. They also have in-house journalists who rewrite the headlines and summary text so that they are easily readable at a glance.

Benzinga Pro vs TradeTheNews - TradeTheNews News Feed

Benzinga Pro vs. TradeTheNews: Audio Squawk

Although TradeTheNews was the first news service to introduce audio squawk, this feature is now common among news trading platforms. In fact, there is very little difference between the squawk audio features that Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews offer.

Benzinga Pro Vs. TradeTheNews: Selection Tools

Both Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews offer you a handful of tools and filters for projecting news so that you only get information about the actions you want to change.

Benzinga Pro allows you to filter by news feeds and market sectors, as well as based on custom view lists of the actions you create. In addition, the platform offers news categories such as analyst valuations, mergers and acquisitions and earnings. An especially useful feature is that you can add an audio alert to any filter, so you always know right away if a key type of news is occurring.

Benzinga Pro vs TradeTheNews: Benzinga categoriesTradeTheNews does not offer such a good level of filtering. You can filter the news by market sector and world region (America, Europe, or Asia), but that’s it. If you want a more restricted news feed so that the headlines don’t flood you, you’ll need to create a custom portfolio to filter them.

Benzinga Pro vs TradeTheNews - TradeTheNews Categories

Benzinga Pro Vs. TradeTheNews: news analysis

While the main purpose of Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews is to spread the word about news, both platforms include several features to help you analyze them as well.

TradeTheNews stands out in this regard for its “Ask at the Newsdesk” feature. If you see a large price move without a news catalyst or you don’t understand why an action moved in response to a news story, you can write a message on the TradeTheNews newsletter. Financial analysts there will respond to you quickly with an explanation of what is happening in the market.

Another useful thing that TradeTheNews offers is its morning report. This shows news and highlights of the previous day’s trading prices, economic and profit news forecast for the current day and expected updates from analysts. Combining the morning report with a custom portfolio for news filtering is a powerful way to track the likely headlines of the day before they unfold.

Benzinga Pro vs TradeTheNews - TradeTheNews Morning ReportBenzinga Pro offers enterprise display pages, which allow you to view all relevant news, key data, and price charts of a given value in a single window.

Benzinga Pro vs TradeTheNews - Benzinga Business ViewAnother ordered feature is the feeling indicator. The analyst making a headline can rate the news as bearish or bearish and will have a green or red color code in your feed, so it’s easy to see the expected response. The platform also calculates how much the price of a stock has changed since a news story came out, making it easy to see how a stock responded to a headline after the fact.

Benzinga Pro Vs. TradeTheNews: prices

Benzinga Pro Basic costs $ 99 a month and gives you access to most features of the platform, including the news channel. However, this leaves out some features, the most notable of which is squawk audio. To do this, you will need a subscription to Essentials for $ 177 a month.

Benzinga Pro vs TradeTheNews: Benzinga pricesTradeTheNews has five different subscription plans that give you access to add-ons such as 13F and forex data. The standard text-based membership plan is comparable to the basic Benzinga Pro plan, but is significantly more expensive at $ 150 a month. The Pro Equity membership plan is comparable to Benzinga Pro’s Essentials plan, as it includes the squawk audio feature as well as the “Ask in the Newsdesk” feature. It costs $ 350 a month.

Which service is better?

Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews have a lot to offer for news-based trading. Given the similarity of the two platforms, the price difference of more than $ 50 a month between a Benzinga Pro Basic subscription and a TradeTheNews Standard subscription is very significant. TradeTheNews is a bit faster in delivery and offers pre-market reports, but only these benefits will not justify the additional cost for most traders. Therefore, for most news traders, we believe that Benzinga Pro represents a better value.

Alternatives to Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews

When it comes to stock and news examiners, there is no shortage. From FinViz to Market Chameleon, there are many. This also means there are numerous competitors to Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews, including Refinitiv, Bloomberg Terminal and Newsquawk. However, for most traders, Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews are the best options.

The Bloomberg terminal is extremely expensive and requires a dedicated hardware terminal. Platforms like Newsquawk are more expensive than Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews without offering much additional functionality. Refinitiv might be worth a look if you want to get real-time news within your trading platform, but most traders would be better served by using two separate best-in-class platforms.

Conclusion: Benzinga Pro vs. TradeTheNews

Benzinga Pro and TradeTheNews are two of the leading real-time financial news services for daily trading. While both services have a lot to offer, we believe the Benzinga Pro is the best choice for most retailers because of its more affordable price and wide range of news filters.

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