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The whole Hyundai HYMTF,
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the branches are nailing the design of electric vehicles (EVs). The luxury arm of Korean automaker Genesis can now claim some of that success. Genesis has revealed photos of a new surprise that no one knew how to expect, and it’s delicious. The GV60 will go on sale in the United States sometime in 2022, price unknown.

The first pure EV of Genesis

The first EV Genesis he showed was nice, but predictable. The Electrified Genesis G80 is an electric version of its successful gasoline model. It has a range of 265 miles and a beautiful cabin made from recycled and vegan materials, but it doesn’t open up any new terrain. In general, designers cannot make radical changes when adapting a vehicle with gasoline to run on a battery.

The GV60 Genesis


The GV60, on the other hand, was designed from the wheels to be electric. It is based on the E-GMP platform, a flexible architecture that Hyundai plans to use as a base for at least 23 electric vehicles over the next decade.

So far, this plan has produced the Hyundai Ioniq 5 2022, the Kia EV6 2022 and now the GV60. Each of the three is a quirky and quirky design with a lot of personality. And each forms a very spacious interior with a small footprint.

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Genesis did not give any mechanical details about the GV60. But the platform allows Genesis to build it with front-wheel drive, rear or all-wheel drive, with an engine on one or both axles. Its cousins ​​Hyundai and Kia are available with 167 to 576 horsepower, depending on battery and engine combinations. Therefore, the GV60 will likely be offered in various configurations to suit various driving styles.

The GV60 Genesis


Distinctive style and a touch of color

But it’s the sleek bodywork that catches your eye. The nose is a bit reminiscent of the Porsche POAHY,
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Macan, but Genesis ’dual-line headlight design and shield grille prevent them from appearing derived from anything. The greenhouse walks along an orderly line between the SUV and the hatchback, which makes the vehicle stand out from the two categories. The design has personality, fun thing to see.

The GV60 interior


Inside, the designers have made the most of the flat floor (no transmission which doesn’t mean transmission hump), creating a wide feel despite its compact dimensions. The crystal sphere shift lever looks a little odd, but it could provide a touch of cool ambient lighting if it ages without darkening. Best of all, the cabin takes on color. The preview images show a medium blue upholstery that most car manufacturers would not risk and it works.

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The photos are all we have right now, but we hope to know more about the GV60. We’ll provide you with details as Genesis removes them before a full revelation awaits in the fall.

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