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Cncintel Review
general information
Company name: Cncintel
Country: USA, Isreal
Operating since: 2021
Status: Active
Customer service
Phone: + (202) 754-8981
E-mail: [email protected]
Languages: English


Cncintel Review 2021

Cncintel Review

Cncintel is a company that deals with a new type of scam that we call return fraud. In short, the company is trying to attract users who have been underestimated by online services and exploit them even more. The scam is especially malicious, as it depends on both the misinformation and the vulnerability of the victims. As such, even experienced traders and investors can fall into them easily if they are not aware of it. Another predatory aspect of these companies is the preferred advertising method that we will explain below in our Cncnintel review.

That is, Cncintel and companies like this primarily use trusted review sites to attract potential victims. They constitute stories of the service they are reviewing to scam them and leave contact information. These companies expect other users who review the site to see it and try to get there. Now, this is especially malicious, as these companies are aware that users harmed by financial companies leave bad reviews. They use trusted ranking websites as the perfect place to get the attention of recent scam victims.

In addition, these tactics harm the financial companies in which they use them. Refund companies can check the pump with hundreds of comments and ratings. Needless to say, this can drag a financial company’s rating down and make it less attractive to users. Because trusted review sites are one of the main resources for determining the validity of companies, reimbursement companies significantly muddle the waters. This marketing harms companies, takes advantage of vulnerable users and makes the whole picture of financial companies less welcoming.

Because of all this, companies like Intel CNC are a major threat to online financial business customers. Not only do they have an immediate impact on those they harm, but they also have a broader effect.




This is the part of our Cncintel review where we explain why we consider the company a scam. On the surface, reimbursement companies may look like legal assistants or even legal entities. However, companies do not have this authority and try to look intentionally more formal than they are. Typically, these companies do not actually provide any services and are only available for your information.

However, there are some cases where companies offer some marginal services. Even in these cases, they come back useless and simply cost the users money. As such, all reimbursement companies are, at best, a glorified banking customer service operator. All they can do is call your bank and request a refund, which you can also do yourself. Even if they do, it is not guaranteed to be effective in any way.

But even beyond that, there are apparent signs that Cncintel is nothing more than a scam. For starters, each of your addresses contains several companies or can be obtained by fake means. There are online services that sell you an address that you can use to make your business look more valid. Apparently, Cncintel uses these services in a multitude of directions, which is already worrisome. Also, while Cncintel.com looks nice, it doesn’t have much substance, meaning the site can only be displayed.

So in general, it is clear that Cncintel is heavy in terms of security. To stack everything else, we must also mention that Cncintel presents itself as a private investigator. Everyone already knows that IPs are in the legal gray area, at best, so there is more to worry about. However, we should state that Cncintel is one of the most valid looking return companies, which makes it especially dangerous.



cncintel security

In this part of our Cncintel review, we will review their services and how they perpetuate the scam. If you work in the world of finance, you will be able to recognize that most of the things that the firm offers are false. However, if you are new or have an alert period, you may confuse them with regular services. As we’ve said, it’s not that hard to fall for the scam, even if you’re an experienced trader.

The most obvious example is that Cncintel offers cryptographic tracking services to customers. One of the problems with this is that not even all cryptographies can be traced technically. And even for what it is, most transactions are final, and even with tracking, you can’t do much. It’s not even a question of whether Cncintel can offer these services or lies to get attention.

Then they also say they offer research services, which can mean anything today. It’s just a buzzword that sounds good to users who don’t take a deeper look. If you say you are a cyber researcher, it gives you some credibility, although it can literally mean that you search Google. In the same vein, Cncintel also offers cyber intelligence services, which also do not contain substance.

Earlier in our Cncintel review, we talked about the company being a glorified phone operator. When we examine your asset recovery program, we see that it is just that. While the company tries to mask it with an elegant wording, all they can do is call your bank or card company. They present the process as extraordinarily complex, although there is no complexity for the user.

All Cncintel and other similar companies are trying to do is convince you that they are a kind of savior. In fact, you can do everything you do yourself.



According to our Cncintel review, it should be clear that the company is fraudulent and predatory. Companies like this ruin the landscape of online financial intermediation and service. They force users to be more careful than they no longer need, complicating the search process for financial companies. Instead of looking at a well-valued or undervalued company, you need to remove false reviews from reality.

Also, the so-called services of the firm are basic things that you can do yourself. While they are masked by a professionally sound writing, there is nothing that requires deep knowledge or technology. As for these companies, Cncintel is one of the most dangerous because it really made an effort to look valid. However, don’t be fooled by the beautiful website, all CNC Intelligence can do is dig deep into a hole.

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