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With the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, daily quotes can be very profitable with the right signals. Historically we have focused on providing the best Forex signals, but our technical analysis can be used on any chart. That’s why we’ve been absolutely overwhelming to profit from our VIP group for Forex Robot Nation subscribers.

This video reviews my cryptographic signal trading strategy and lets you know how you can earn these businesses as well.

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Day Trading Altcoins (Crypto Signals)

In this video, I connect you with the best cryptographic signals for daily trading. So, you will get victories like this, like this, like this, and you will be able to get victories for the currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Alt, whatever you want to get, I have it for you.

So I’ll show you how you can earn these trades, how you can place them correctly so that you have a new hobby by earning some money on the side. So let’s start.

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Now let me remove the green screen and go back to the best cryptographic signals available.

Crypto Signal # 1 (Polkadot)

We started this video with one of the best cryptographic signals I gave to my community last week in the free telegram and the VIP telegram, this was a Polkadot trading signal. You can see here, right now I’m in the daily time period. I have a key level. I set this key level here because of this wick here and for this wick here, and then I’ve been watching this for a commercial setup for a while.

What I’m waiting for in the daily period is for a bearish candle to close my key level, which is exactly what we had right here.

And now I have my settings. So I will go down in a shorter time to confirm it and then provide the trading signal to my groups.

Once I’m within an hour, I look for confirmation. Right here I see a bass pennant forming right there, through my key level, which is perfect. And that’s where the bass sailing went through my key level as well. So I have enough confirmation left. I see below. So I decide this is a pending sale order. We will go down.

And what I do is offer a trade out there. The trade is triggered a few hours later, which is great because it offers all members of the signal group the opportunity to participate in this trade and make sure they are winning that winner.

Eventually, trade is unleashed. We see some movement.

We came to this line. Here I have my stop loss. The stop loss is excellent because it only has a couple of percentage points. This stop loss is only 2.36%. And my risk reward ratio is 7.13%. In fact, I only stated to my group of VIP and free signals that this meant a 3% win because we actually won this trade by making profits somewhere from here.

But if you were left with two benefits, you would have gone this far and destroyed the benefits. And that would be a 7.13% trade, which means that if you risk 3% of your account in that trade, you would have more than 21% in a single trade, which is why my cryptographic signals are the best cryptographic signals available.

My Free Crypto Signal Telegram Group

If you are interested in gaining trades with my cryptographic signals, you can start in my free telegram group. The link is in the description. All you have to do is join this group. And then I send a signal every day. Sometimes the signals are forex, but hey, wins are wins, Pips are Pips. So let’s start with the next operation.

Crypto Signal # 2 (reservation rights)

The second cryptographic signal, I want to show you today. Another signal I gave to my members was a High currency signal in the reserve rights cryptocurrency. You can see right now that I’m on the daily chart. This is where I always start my trading signals. And you can see that right now we are on a bearish trend. So I’m looking for sales opportunities.

You can also see if we expand a bit that this candle right here is breaking my key resistance level and turning it into support. So here we have the big bearish candle and now I have to go down to the lower period to see if there is confirmation.

Once I get to the lower time period, the first thing I’m looking at is how the market recovered right here to my key level, but then I posted a double top showing that sellers are still in control and won’t go through the my key level. So I’m looking for a sales opportunity.

Then I’m looking at liquidity, which is right here. There is a lot of liquidity along my line. So I really use that line, that area as an entry point. And you see, I’ve put the trade out there. Okay, that’s what I tell you guys. All right, we’ll have a sales opportunity shortly after dialing, boom! It’s a perfect entry. Liquidity throughout this area really told us that this would be a good opportunity. It hits her. And then he goes down and gets a win.

Now, that means a 2.98% victory. Actually, this is amazing with a very small stop loss. And it doesn’t come close to stop loss, which is what I always try to do with the best cryptographic signals available.

And, again, like the last trade, I didn’t claim it as a profit either. Most signals would just really say, Hey, we also make a profit right here, but I don’t like doing that. So when you look at my percentage and this month’s percentage is 18%. In fact, I could say it’s 27%, 26%. If I claim all this, you get two benefits, which I don’t.

Cryptographic trading platform

I am often asked, where do you place these trades? How do you place these trades? How are altcoins and cryptocurrencies traded at low rates? And it’s really a simple answer. I use Coinbase pro. I have used Binance in the past, and this is where you will find Alt coins like Polkadots, which are traded on Ethereum and Bitcoin. There are a lot of options. You can see the ADA, XTZ, Solana, Solana-BTC pairings on my screen right now. This is where you do it.

And placing operations is also very easy. You know, me, to give you the exact trades. So I will give you a sell limit order or a market execution order. And all of these options are available on Binance and Coinbase and any other trading platform. So don’t worry. It is easy to operate.

Crypto Signal # 3 (Serum)

If two cryptographic signals are not enough to join my free telegram group, get a free signal every day. I don’t know what else I can do. So what I will do is give you a third signal and show you what happened to the High Serum coin the other day.

You can see here, this time I will start in the lower period. I know you have places to stay, but here you can see that we have a head and shoulders pattern, which means we are looking for a selling trade. The market will go down. Then, shortly after, the neckline I placed here, because that’s where I think the liquidity comes from, breaks with a bearish candle, which means I want to wait for a recovery. So at this point, I have a pending sales opportunity right here. And then, as I hope, we will get the recovery. We mark this line, which starts the operation. And then it goes exactly as we wanted in our direction. And that means a 3.08% win for the third win. And another reason why I am here offering the best cryptographic signals available.


Honestly, I don’t want to exaggerate, but right now I’m absolutely on fire with my cryptographic signals. Last week I made over 9% and didn’t even claim two benefits. If I were to claim two profits, I would have surpassed 15%, but I try to be honest and transparent with you, so that we all win at the same rate.

Now, there was a time when it didn’t provide cryptographic signals and it hadn’t been that long. Bitcoin was changing, I didn’t see great opportunities, but times have changed. Right now I’m on fire. If you don’t believe me, check out some of these Trustpilot reviews. People are making money with my signals right now and I am incredibly happy. So just check out my free telegram channel. Consider joining VIP. And if you have anything you’d like to ask me, put it in the comments below right now. And I’m leaving here. I love you guys.

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