Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

It doesn’t end until it’s over

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is one of, if not you, the smartest men on the planet …

What he has done in his relatively short life is not at all surprising.

From PayPal, to Tesla (TSLA), through The Boring Company, through SpaceX, through Not A Flame Thrower (it seems that everything Elon dreams of) is trying to make a business out of it …

However, there is no denying that it also has some hangs.

On the one hand, he is against any AI (he believes this will lead to the destruction of humanity) and perhaps he is right …

But for a guy who is against the development of Artificial Intelligence, it seems like he is determined to create things that could definitely be the perfect container for this type of self-learning technology.

And your latest idea may be your boldest (and some say it’s dangerous) so far!

Again, Elon continues with artificial intelligence …

He seems to have a personal revenge against this emerging technology sector.

Now, no matter how hard you fight, there are two things going on here:

Or do you know something we don’t know about how far AI can go …

Or he wants to be the first to perfect it and publicly opposes it to launch the competition.

Regardless, for a guy who is so against …

Why does your technology work so well with it?

His Tesla technology works on autonomous cars (if not an AI form), I’m the uncle of a monkey. They’ve had some success, but it’s not 100% ready yet, but when everything is ready, you can bet there will be some aspect of AI.

However, this is not the most … questionable of the innovations that Elon has dreamed of lately …

Now, wonderful people are starting to get involved in something a little scarier than autopilot cars: robots.

Yes …

While there is a recently announced investigation into Tesla’s autopilot (again a boy’s AI system that is against AI), Elon recently introduced a new Tesla product: the Tesla Bot.

This has forced many industry experts to ask a simple and important question …


Of course, it was revealed in the AI ​​showcase and Elon likes to surprise people, and the showcase was the perfect opportunity to show off all the madness the company is working on …

But why now?

Sure, AI and robots can be gigantic market opportunities, but it looks like you already have big fish to fry …

Isn’t it a bit like putting robots on this plate?

Some experts have even questioned whether Tesla is diversifying into the AI ​​and robotics markets, but the odds are pretty low, as I said, it has other fish to fry and AI doesn’t seem to be its favorite cup of tea. .

No, the reason Elon has decided to reveal Tesla’s bot is due to what he always does: being the first.

Elon told shopkeepers that day: “We’re making the pieces that would be useful for a humanoid robot, so we probably should. If we don’t, someone else will and we want to make sure it’s safe. “

So, there is your “why” …

Because you can. You have the pieces, why not?

However, it doesn’t give me the heat and confusion I felt I had to joke that robots would be slower than humans and small enough to beat them, but we’ve all seen how the movie Terminator and The Matrix became out.

Are weird and slow robots circulating around the house good for anyone?

Elon promised a working prototype of the Tesla Bot in 2022, and if Elon and the company succeed, they could be at the forefront of a potentially HUGE new industry.

And if it works, it would add another high-tech (and high-priced) product to Tesla’s steady stream of innovations.

So, for those of you who have moved away from TSLA, you may want to take another look.

Of course, making a buying decision for news like this is not always the smart game …

And that’s the exact reason I started GorillaTrades in the first place: I noticed too many emotional decisions based on “what’s going on” instead of reliable data and information.

The GT system is only triggered in those actions that affect all aspects of our business matrix; it doesn’t go through news or rumors. We’d love for you to give it a go, so please consider being a member today.

If not, we understand that, however, you may want to do yourself a favor and give Tesla another look (it may be worth skipping or buying more) if you like robots and outdoor space.

“Over time I think we will probably see a closer fusion of biological intelligence and digital intelligence … It’s mostly about bandwidth, the speed of the connection between the brain and the digital version of yourself, especially the output … Some high-bandwidth interface in the brain will be something that will help achieve a symbiosis between human intelligence and the machine and perhaps solve the problem of control and the problem of utility . ” – Elon Musk

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