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Empire Stock Investor Review

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Every investor knows that a solid investment newsletter can provide a lot of benefits. Empire Stock Investor is a monthly investment newsletter run by Wall Street veteran Whitney Tilson. This bulletin tracks a portfolio of 25-30 shares with a combination of technology stocks, banking stocks, health stocks and dividend stocks. Each monthly newsletter focuses on a specific stock and reasons why it is worth buying. Does this newsletter have the right options? Read now our comprehensive Empire Stock Investor review to find out.

About Empire Stock Investor

Empire Stock Investor is a monthly investment newsletter created by Empire Financial Research. The bulletin tracks a portfolio of 25-30 shares, which represents a combination of high-growth technology stocks and more conservative banking, health and dividend stocks. The newsletter is run by Whitney Tilson, the founder of Empire Financial and a 20-year veteran of Wall Street.

In our Empire Stock Investor review, we’ll take a closer look at this newsletter to help you decide if it’s worth subscribing to.

Pricing options for stock market investors

Empire Stock Investor costs $ 49 the first year of subscription and then $ 199 annually thereafter. You can also purchase a lifetime subscription for $ 799.

Prices for stock market investors

Empire Stock Investor Investment style and return

The Empire Stock investor portfolio consists of 25-30 shares with an investment horizon of 3-5 years. The focus is generally on large-cap US stocks, without a sector-specific angle. In fact, the portfolio includes a number of technology stocks, as well as health stocks, banks, cars and utilities.

The unifying theme seems to be that all the stocks in the portfolio represent solid companies that the teams at Imperio Stock Investor believe have room for growth. While diversification is not explicitly a goal of the portfolio, it offers a relatively balanced exposure across a wide range of sectors.

The Empire Stock investor portfolio was created in 2019 and, given that the investment horizon is 3-5 years, it is difficult to examine its performance too closely. At the time of writing, there are only 4 closed positions in portfolio history (with a net gain of 60%). The open positions in the portfolio have a total unrealized gain of 42%, compared to the 74% gain of S&P 500 since the beginning of 2019. In particular, Empire Stock Investor did not recommend buying or selling any position during COVID -19 induced market crash in 2020.

Empire Stock investor portfolio

Newsletter format

The Empire Stock Investor newsletter is delivered once a month. Each newsletter focuses primarily on a unique action and offers a deep dive into why this company is worth having. Tilson and the Empire Stock team of investors keep their argument broad enough for everyday investors to understand, even though the bulletin occasionally sinks into fundamental analysis to justify the portfolio’s price target. At the end of each narrative, the newsletter provides clear instruction to investors – usually an order to buy the shares in question up to a certain maximum entry price.

Empire Stock Investor Monthly Newsletter

After introducing the new selection to the portfolio, the newsletter highlights changes in the shares they already have in the portfolio. Tilson provides a few paragraphs describing recent updates of the shares that are being re-recommended or sold, and then offers a clear buy or sell order for each stock. At the end of the newsletter, a table summarizes the recommended changes to the portfolio and the most recent tips for each stock.

Investment recommendation for stock market investors

Occasionally, Empire Stock Investor will release updates in the middle of the month. It is usually recommended to sell part or all of the shares and they are very short.

In addition, Empire Stock Investor includes special reports. Throughout 2020, there was only one special report, but the investment team released eight during the first half of 2021. The special reports focus on an emerging sector or trend (e.g., SPACs or vehicles without driver) and tend to adopt a broader, industry-wide display than the value reports of standard bulletin numbers. However, most special reports offer buy recommendations for specific stocks and generally stocks that are already in the Empire Stock investor portfolio.

Special reports from stock market investors

Differentiators of stock market investors

Empire Stock Investor is one of many bulletins that helps investors build a medium-term portfolio of growth stocks in large U.S. capitalizations. The newsletter has no special features that set it apart from competitors, although it has a relatively inexpensive price, especially if you can take advantage of the subscription for life. The main selling point is that it is run by Whitney Tilson, an experienced Wall Street investor who predicted the dot-com bubble and the 2008 financial crisis early in his career.

While Empire Stock Investor appears to be gaining strength, the S&P 500 has been declining since its inception in 2019. Portfolio diversification may be partly to blame, as the market has gained ground aggressively in recent years. . It remains to be seen whether the more conservative actions in the portfolio can boost it during a prolonged recession.

What type of trader is the Empire Stock investor best for?

Empire Stock Investor is best for long-term investors who want to try to outperform major stock indices. The portfolio has an investment time horizon of 3-5 years and the new options are only issued once a month. Therefore, tracking the Empire Stock investor portfolio is relatively easy, even for investors who don’t have time. This bulletin can also attract more risk-averse investors, as it only invests long positions in large-cap US stocks and has a relatively diversified portfolio.

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  • Diversified portfolio of 25-30 shares
  • Monthly stock selections include clear instructions
  • Special reports and updates in the middle of the month
  • Conservative options can provide support in a recession
  • Permanent subscription available


  • Insufficient performance of the S&P 500 since its inception
  • Only a selection of values ​​per month

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