Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

For dividend growth investors in Europe, we created a European aristocratic dividend certificate to easily track and invest in the European edition of the famous aristocrat dividend. In terms of yield, the European aristocratic dividend gained another 5.78% this month after 4.3% in June.

European Dividend Aristocrats – June results

The European Dividend Aristocrats (EUDIVAR) portfolio jumped 5.78%, while the European index gained around 0.82% in July, representing a strong return for our ETF.


Want to easily invest in the European aristocratic dividend?

You can find more information at or (German website)

The performance can also be followed on various financial portals, such as Onvista or through your online broker.

European Dividend Aristocrats tracker at a glance

The portfolio of Europe Dividend Aristocrats (EUDIVAR) includes all companies that have increased dividends each year for the last 10 consecutive years and are part of the MSCI Europe index.

The shares have the same weighting and an automatic rebalancing will be carried out each quarter. Companies that cut or defer dividend payments will be closely monitored and eliminated when required. In addition, new companies that meet the criteria during the year will be incorporated. Dividends received will also be automatically reinvested.

The tracker is officially listed on the German Stuttgart Stock Exchange and can be traded through various brokers such as Comdirect, Flatex, Onvista Bank, ING DiBa, Postbank and many more.

Benefits of monitoring European dividend aristocrats

When building a dividend growth portfolio, the most prominent advantages of monitoring European dividend aristocrats are:

Low initial investment. The minimum investment is limited only by the minimum account size of your broker and the brokerage fees related to the amount to be invested.

Automatic diversification. By investing in the European Dividend Aristocrats tracker, you will reap the benefits of spreading your investment among all (45+) aristocratic dividends. Diversification between sectors and countries is also obtained.

Automatic rebalancing. Each quarterly rebalancing will be performed automatically, as well as the reinvestment of dividends without transaction costs. New aristocrats will be added and companies that cut or postpone dividend payments will be eliminated.

Tax benefits for dividends. Dividend withholdings and dividend claims are often complex and time consuming. Investors will benefit from lower taxation of dividends through this European aristocratic dividend tracker. For various shares that pay dividends and are quoted in euros (€), the gross amount of the dividend will be received on this tracker.

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