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Gartley Patterns Detector Private Use Full Version

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The Gartley pattern is one of the most marketed harmonic patterns and can be applied to many markets and time periods. It is a 5-point recoil structure that was initially sketched by HM Gartley and later detailed by Scott Carney. It has specific Fibonacci measurements for each point in its structure and it is important to note that D is not a point, but an area where the price is likely to reverse, called the Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ). The setback of point B of the primary XA leg is 0.618 and the PRZ consists of 3 convergent harmonic levels: 1) a setback of 0.786 of the primary XA leg, 2) AB = CD pattern and 3) the BC projection is 1, 27 or 1.618.

The first target would be the 382 AD retreat and the second target the 618 AD retreat. A common stop level would be behind point X. Conservative traders may seek additional confirmation. Gartley patterns can be bearish and bullish. TradingView has a smart XABCD pattern drawing tool that allows users to visually identify 5-point reversal structures in a chart.

Once you’ve saved the indicator to the Indicators folder, simply upload it to the chart.

  1. There’s really no need to do anything like change the settings.
  2. Depending on the time period you want to change, the gartley indicator will provide you with the buy or sell signal when a gartley pattern is displayed.

As you can see in the chart above, a gartley pattern bullish signal was generated using the blue arrow pointing upwards. And you can see how the price does not go up after generating the buy signal.

  • This gartley pattern indicator works in all time periods, so if you don’t see a gartley pattern indicator on the 1-hour chart, try the 4-hour chart. If you can’t see the 4-hour chart, try the daily chart. Why is that? Because a gartley pattern can be formed on the 4-hour chart, but not on the daily chart.

But after all, it really depends on you and what time period you want to change.

Gartley Patterns Detector Private Use Full Version

Gartley Patterns Detector Private Use Full Version Gartley Patterns Detector Private Use Full Version Gartley Patterns Detector Private Use Full Version

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