Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

I shared about my foray into cryptography before with Gemini.

In my post, in point A2, I mentioned that I linked my POSB savings account to Gemini.

Unfortunately, due to my negligence, I had accidentally transferred money from my DBS account to Gemini. Given that my DBS account was not verified / registered with Gemini, my $ was stopped.

No wonder I felt weird not seeing the top-up on my Gemini account despite a few hours of waiting.

This post is for fellow kukus who made the same mistake as me: you have to collect a ticket / help through the app.

How it was resolved

I was anxious, he sent me an email using the app’s assistance to inform me of the error.

I received an email from Gemini 6 business days later (yes, it’s a long wait) informing me of the following:

All SGD transfers are managed by Xfers, our SGD transfer partner. Looks like the bank account you used for the SGD FAST payment transfer was not linked to Gemini. To facilitate the transfer of funds from Xfers to Gemini, there must be a valid deposit request initiated in Gemini for each transfer sent.

For an SGD transfer to be successful, you must ensure that you have linked the bank account from which you want to send the transfer to your Gemini account. You can view and manage your bank accounts linked to Sources of funding Page. Note that only two SGD bank accounts can be linked to Gemini.

Once you’ve linked your bank account, start a new deposit request. Go to Drop the page here and follow these steps:

  1. Select SGD in the currency, in the bank account (from which you sent the funds) and in the deposit method: using FAST and click “Continue”
  2. Enter the exact amount of the deposit you already transferred to Xfers, then click “Continue”
  3. Click “I understand” after reviewing FAST payment instructions (no additional funds required)

Take a screenshot of your bank statement with the transfer made and upload the screenshot.

Once your bank account has been linked to Gemini, a new deposit request has been initiated and a screenshot has been uploaded, please let us know by replying to this email and we will follow up with Xfers to credit the funds to your Gemini account.

So I did what I was told and linked my DBS account with Gemini + and sent the screenshot.

One day later, I managed to get the amount in my Twins.



Although the support from Gemini took a while to return, I was glad that they could address my issues. clearly. The steps were also simple enough to follow.

The customer service was also great.

At least this kuku incident gave me more confidence to continue using Gemini.

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