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Start the free version of PiPs EA Worth 9

Hello Forex Wiki Friends,

Don’t mind the decent-looking back tests – now the starting EA PiPs are up to par.

How do we deal with reality: the most serious problem with a large part of the robotic exchange frameworks available is that each of them presents exceptionally worthy subsequent tests, although only a large number of real performances on live discs .

This is extremely disconcerting when you have emptied your well-deserved money into it. (Also the many EAs that are on the lookout, that the use monitored the results of the subsequent test to sell the item … in any case, that’s another story).

The start of the PiPs EA game is a methodology that has effectively proven for a long time to be a winner. From that moment on, it only got better. Instead of relying on the pleasant results of the subsequent test, “trusting” that the live results would be coordinated, this EA was created using live exchange and existing strategies as an initial stage, and took it from this time to make updates.

The result so far is a fully stable EA with numerous effective long periods of live results to show.

This implies that you will acquire an item with a confirmed live history and not just a retroactive testing EA with a decent look.

Instructions for setting up the EA:

When using AutoGMT, make sure your PC / VPS time settings are correct. (you can consult this publication)

Run on M5 only, 1 chart can run each of the 14 advanced sets (OneChartSetup, suggested by EURUSD M5, remember to fill in the postfix)

Optimized for 14 series: eurusd, gbpusd, usdchf, usdjpy, usdcad, eurjpy, eurgbp, eurchf, eurcad, euraud, gbpaud, gbpcad, gbpchf and audcad

It is prescribed to run this set load to spread the danger.

It is prescribed to use “Mode B” as it will be more stable for most traders.

Mode B is more severe in section and uses a marginally more extensive Stoploss to avoid stops due to extended propagation.

Mode A has lower Stoploss and more exchanges and can generally have excellent results for distributors with extremely low daily diffusion.

I would suggest using “LotsizeStep” as AutolotMode. (scheduled cash from executives)

LotsizeStep estimates -> Low danger: 500; Medium risk: 250; High risk: 150

It is prescribed to run the EA in a low-distribution ECN trader.

Suggested minimum account size: $ 250 to run each of the 14 sets, although you can also run a couple of sets at $ 100.

Significant: This EA only goes public for 2 hours each day, from one hour before the change to one hour after the change. For most reps, this involves from 11pm to 1pm.

The EA uses the limit applications to go public. With this strategy, the slide will be positive for the most part.

The EA uses hard SL and TP levels, to limit the negative slip at the output.

The EA will only open 1 exchange for each pair.

The EA uses numerous permit methodologies, where it will restrict the long-term danger and the exchanges have not reached TP at this time.

Wellness First: This EA does not use frameworks, martingales, media or any other dangerous exchange of executives strategies.

Real real results for a long time from now before the EA was delivered to MQL5.

Item is now in an exceptionally advanced upgrade condition (no error, execution confirmed)

EA has been tested live with numerous progress specialists.

No established records required. Only the large size needs to be set.

Start the free version of PiPs EA Worth 9

Start the free version of PiPs EA Worth 9

Start the free version of PiPs EA Worth 9 Start the free version of PiPs EA Worth 9 Start the free version of PiPs EA Worth 9 Start the free version of PiPs EA Worth 9

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