Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

In February, I shared here my foray into the world of cryptography. The only platform I use is Gemini (you can check out my guide and reference link)

In just 3 months, the volatility of the market has been crazy. I started with only hundreds. As prices went up, I bought more thinking it would go up more. My portfolio reached thousands.

And then he fell.

I won’t act brave, but my eyes opened every time I opened my app. 1 month ago, I had a 20% profit on paper, but today I am negative.

Still, I see this as a good time for DCA. That said, ironically, when the crypto market fell a few days ago, I couldn’t get into the twins due to a system error. My husband also faced Binance.

I currently only have BTC and ETH. My husband has been more adventurous in having many more high coins and his wallet is 5 digits. I’m actually glad you’re taking steps to invest, as you don’t feel like managing your money.

Nor am I great because I accumulate my wealth mainly through jobs / savings, not investments. But, we are taking steps for babies.

PS: if you are interested in starting your cryptographic journey, consider signing up for Gemini via my referral link here, where we will each receive $ 10 BTC. Thanks in advance.

In January, I mentioned that I had doubled the stock portfolio of Tiger brokers to $ 70,000.

Aside from deploying my warhead towards cryptography, I have been accumulating more technology actions and REITS. Since January, I have invested $ 50,000 in the following:

– Tencent

– PA Good doctor

– Nvidia

– Coupang

– Lion-OCBC Sec HSTech

– Ascend

– Keppel DC

All through Tiger Brokers. They now offer 1 stock of Starbucks for new workers. You can check out my August 2020 post in the Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Your Account.

If you are interested in receiving the free stock and using Tiger Brokers, use it kindly reference linkor scan the QR code to register😊

Finally, 600,000 equity soon.

In December 2020, I celebrated crossing $ 550,000 in networth. It is estimated to reach $ 600,000 networth in June.

I hope to share it soon via a new post soon! 💪

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