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Investing in the stock market does not necessarily require long-term planning. Some investors prefer to play the short game.

Active trading strategies take advantage of short-term fluctuations in the price of individual stocks. By buying and selling these shares in a short period of time, investors can generate profits. One of these methods is known as swing trading.

Swing trading can be risky and requires a lot of attention and time. But for those with discipline, swing trading offers the promise of great rewards. We will then provide a brief analysis of the swing trade, including the average income of a swing trader.

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What is Swing Trading?

Swing trading tries to take advantage of short-term gains in an action that occurs over the course of a few days or weeks.

Swing trading requires a lot of research and discipline, as swing traders have to analyze trends and price patterns, as well as use technical analysis to evaluate market options.

It is technically possible to swing operations on the same trading day, but this only happens in rare cases of extreme volatility.

How do they identify profitable price fluctuations in swing traders? The short-term nature of trade requires careful analysis. Technical analysis can be useful in assessing stock trends that may affect the price of a particular stock, while fundamental analysis can provide additional data on broader trends that may influence stock prices.

Swing Trading Vs. Day Trading

If this practice sounds a bit like day-to-day trading, it’s because both strategies represent short-term active trading strategies. The biggest difference lies in the time period associated with each.

Day traders usually occupy a certain position from a few hours to a few days. Swing traders will hold a stock position for days or even weeks and, in some rare cases, months.

This makes daily trading a little more intense than swing trading. Day traders will often have to devote all their time and attention to research and the negotiation process, which makes day-to-day trading a full-time job.

And due to the short-term nature of trades, day traders rely on trading tools and software, while swing trading can be done through a traditional brokerage account.

Raymond Rondeau, president of the chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors of New England, suggests that swing trading could be a more reliable strategy compared to daily trading.

Daily trading, he said, is “like playing speed chess, with a limited time to determine the next move.” Swing trading, on the other hand, can be achieved by “spending an hour or so on the weekend, sipping a cup of coffee, reviewing a filtered list of stocks that meet your criteria, such as stock selection AAII Investor Pro and researching software and reviewing them for robust technical configurations. “

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Is Swing Trading Profitable?

Many of the advantages of swing trading relate to the relative simplicity of this strategy, at least compared to the longer-time daily trading approach we described earlier.

But the biggest promise of swing trading is that it can allow traders to take advantage of short-term market fluctuations, which can translate into great profits for the right investor. Swing trading is therefore very profitable for those who can commit to the process.

The Risks of Swing Trading

Like any active investment strategy, there are some swing trading risks that should not be ignored.

First, swing trading can leave you vulnerable to risks at night and on weekends. When this happens, the price of a stock can be radically different when the trading session opens the next day, which could negatively affect your position.

Second, swing traders can be so focused on short-term gains that they lose the long-term success of a given stock. In other words, instead of selling stocks when it seems profitable momentarily, it can sometimes be smarter to stay in stocks for long-term gains.

Finally, every time you invest in individual stocks (especially in the short term), you expose yourself to the risks associated with a volatile market. While experienced investors can successfully navigate the market, new investors may have difficulty keeping up and may even suffer substantial losses.

The average salary of the Swing trader in 2021

How much can you earn in the swing? That is, after all, the end result!

According to employment website ZipRecruiter, the average national income of a swing trader is $ 71,804 per year. But the calculations are complicated because that salary depends entirely on your skill level, the market, and the hours you want to invest. Some enjoy a swing swinger salary of up to $ 174,000 a year, while others barely make up for $ 20,000.

Is swing trading profitable enough to do your job full time? Possibly, but again, this will largely depend on your skill level and your time.

How much can you win the swing part time? For the part-time swing trader, you can expect to receive approximately $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 a month, depending on the investment you are making in the process. These benefits are nothing to sneeze at, which means they could be used as supplemental income.

The Summary: Is Swing Trading Right For You?

In general terms, new investors should focus on creating a diversified portfolio and committing to long-term investment. But this is not to discourage investors from becoming familiar with the right research tools to make active trading strategies a part of their financial plans.

Earlier, we cited Raymond Rondeau’s recommendation that swing traders spend an hour or so on the weekend researching with a cup of coffee. It can be as good a place as any to begin with. Investors looking for a source of secondary income can take advantage of the change in the position of stocks to generate a small profit.

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