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There is one on this page IRA calculator you can use to model and estimate your IRA balance over time. Enter details of your current IRA balance, age, retirement plans, and estimate future real returns, and the tool will model your IRA growth and allow you to export your details for further research.

IRA estimates calculator

Using the IRA calculator

The IRA was first introduced with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 as a portable plan that allows workers to contribute to a retirement plan outside of their daily work. Other features, such as the SEP-IRA (“Simplified Employer Pension”) introduced in 1978, allowed for employer contributions, but the IRA’s main selling point is as a plan with tax advantages. separately of your main job.

There are two types of IRAs, the Traditional IRA – where taxes are deferred until profits are withdrawn – or Roth IRA – where taxes are paid in advance and all profits are tax-free. For both plans, the benefits are excellent … you don’t have to pay provisional income taxes while the funds are still in the account.

This tool allows you to model the size of your investment if you diligently add your account over the course of a career. Regardless of the style of IRA you choose, IRAs are one excellent vehicle to grow their wealth. For this, there is an IRA contribution limit, but due to various rollover possibilities, the DQYDJ tool does not limit how much you can contribute per month (if you are not taking advantage of a back door, you should limit your contribution at the maximum IRA).

IRA planning tool entries

To use the IRA modeling tool, you’ll need to make some estimates about the future and fill in details about your current status:

Current IRA plan entries

  • Current IRA balance: If you currently have money in your IRA, enter the amount here.
  • Current age: How old are you now?
  • Retirement age: At what age do you think you will retire? (Don’t worry, it’s not a test: you can run the tool again as often as you like to model different retirement ages.)
  • Monthly contribution: How much do you want to invest a month in the IRA. Don’t worry about rising inflation in the future; if you use an actual return (after inflation) in the next field, it will cancel any future inflation measured by the CPI (useful if you plan to increase your IRA).

Future assumptions

As we often say here on the site, your assumption is probably wrong: but it can still be useful.

Here you have to guess how your investments will return over time. The S&P 500’s historical profitability calculator can be a good guide if you invest in stocks, and in this case, returns of 5, 6, or 7% are a “reasonable park” here. For security, you may be using the Treasury Profitability Calculator numbers (maybe 1-2% actual returns?).

  • Annual investment return: real: Enter the percentage that your IRA investments will return each year.

IRA calculator outputs

You can see summary statistics that model your 401 (k) or 403 (b) or increase the resolution and graph your projections.

Simple IRA calculation

To view the summary, click the blue “IRA Project Balance” button. Below you will see an estimated balance, plus a breakdown of how we came to the total.

  • Retirement balance: Our best estimate of the total balance of your IRA when you retire. In particular, it is a inflation-adjusted amount if you use an actual return estimate, the actual numerical balance would be higher (the number shows what you could afford “today”).
  • Initial balance: The part of the balance attributable to the initial investment.
  • Your total contribution: Your total cash contributions to the IRA during the modeled time.
  • Market gains: Our best guess about market earnings during the remaining years of your career.

Advanced calculation

If you press the “Design & Draw” button, you’ll see the results above and a graph of your annual balance, including a breakdown of all sources. If you pass the course above age, you will see our estimate of your balance for that year plus the sources of funding that contributed to the balance.

If you click on the top right “burger” menu, you can export the projection data. Choose export svg or png to get a graphical representation of the estimate, or use the csv option to model the results in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Default scenario projection for the IRA calculator
Example of IRA calculator output for the default scenario

Traditional IRAs are best used when you think your tax rate may fall in the future; they allow you to defer current taxes to the tax rates of some future regime. The Roth IRAs are the opposed – You pay your current tax rate but do not have to pay taxes again.

When the tax treatment of IRAs is combined, the transfer capacity from 401 (k) if the possibility to contribute or convert (which effectively means that everyone can contribute), sometimes the results and balances of people become controversial. .

In 2014, the Government Accountability Office noted that nearly 10,000 people had IRA balances of $ 5,000,000 or more at the end of 2011. In Mitt Romney’s presidency in 2012, his balance massive (traditional) IRA was controversial. In 2021, ProPublica leaked the balances of some other IRAs, including a $ 5 million Roth IRA controlled by Peter Thiel, a $ 250 million Roth IRA owned by Ted Weschler of Berkshire Hathaway and the hedge fund manager. Randall Smith and a more than $ 20 million IRA controlled by Warren Buffett and hedge fund manager Robert Mercer. (Some of these were aided by a Roth IRA conversion).

Step-by-step amounts, for sure, and you can now model what kind of yields would be needed to match them (read: great results for a long time. Ignore them).

Whether your IRA balance reaches an incredible terminal value, or you get a more typical return, it’s worth having an IRA (or multiple!) In your pocket for tax planning. When you reach retirement, it is helpful to have several deposits to withdraw: before taxes, after taxes, fully taxed, and so on. Hopefully, this tool will help you model what might be possible with your IRA.

Here are some other valuable tools that can help you with your retirement estimates:

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