Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

It is worth seeing the HLE Glascoat material, as the material forms a flat base 4 weeks deep at 12%. The current price is only 9% of its ideal purchase price of 3792 INR. Aggressive investors could use any reduced surface sprout within the base as an opportunity to initiate a reduced position. A conservative approach may be to add actions to your watchlist so that you are ready to jump in if you go out at the traditional entry point.

Key trend lines, 10- and 40-week moving averages, are in a comfortable position. The current trends of the two averages are upward and the ten-week moving average is above the 40-week moving average. The current share price is trading around 1.37% of the ten-week moving average.

HLE Glascoat has been a higher-than-market share overall. It has a strong relative strength index of 84. In the last twelve months, shares have risen more than 275.5% compared to 44% of the Nifty500.

HLE Glascoat shares have strong institutional support. The “A +” rating / distribution rating represents a strong institutional buy over the past 13 weeks. Although the number of institutions holding shares fell in the last quarter, the number of shares of institutions increased at the same time.

In terms of earnings, HLE Glascoat has an excellent EPS rating of 96, which indicates consistency in earnings. Earnings and stock sales have grown 63% and 45%, respectively, over the past three years. Its 3-year earnings stability is 9, on a scale of 0 to 99 (lower will be better). In the last five years, earnings and sales of shares have grown by 48% and 51%, respectively. The stability of profits at 5 years is 28. The return on equity of the last reported year is 50%.

Stocks belong to the Machinery-Gen Industrial industrial group. You would still like to see some improvement in the classification of the industrial group. The current classification of the industrial group is 71. The current price of Hle Glasscoat is -9% off its maximum price of 52 weeks and 300% above its low price of 52 weeks.

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