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Candace Owens began as a notable, though not necessarily famous, journalist. After graduating from Stamford High School, where he received horribly racist voicemails from classmates that resulted in a $ 37,500 deal in his favor, Owens entered the journalism department at the University of Rhode Island. .. He left the program after three years, citing a problem with his student loan.

Even without a degree, he managed to do an internship at Vogue magazine. A few years later, he left the magazine to join a privately held company. She quickly climbed the ladder and became the firm’s vice president of administration.

In 2015, Owens became CEO of marketing agency Degree180. He contributed to the company blog and his work usually had an anti-conservative and anti-Trump stance. He promoted the need for major social change. He also mocked conservative Republicans in ways that any marketing agency would consider unprofessional.

Things were getting weird for Candace Owens. The future had at its disposal far more unknown opportunities and was willing to embrace them no matter how much they contradicted their previous positions.

Why is Candace Owens famous?

Candace Owens drew national attention during the Gamergate controversy. A running project would take screenshots of potentially offensive social media posts. As a result, hackers gained access to your personal information in an attempt to use it.

Interestingly, Owens did not blame the doxing on the conservative trolls who fueled the Gamergate controversy. Instead, he said the progressives were to blame. He offered little or no evidence of his claims.

In all fairness, most conservative and liberal media condemned the Gamergate scandal, saying he went too far by exposing personal information and encouraging people to turn to commenters who bothered them.

Owens, however, had only dropped his toe in popularity. National fame was just around the corner.

How did Candace Owens become famous?

Candace Owens became truly famous in 2017 when she changed her political views overnight. She has stated that she “became a conservative overnight” because “she realized that liberals were really racists.”

Owens ’change of perspective went so far that he immediately adopted Donald Trump as a successful president. This surprised a lot of people because she was one of the few high-profile black women who supported President Trump.

His support went far beyond posting positive reviews on his social media accounts and blogs. In November 2017, the founder of the conservative organization Turning Point, USA, Charlie Kirk, said this at a meeting at a MAGA Rally Owens would become the group’s director of urban engagement. Some experts accused Turning Point of hiring her to counter recent allegations of racism within the organization. Owens left the turning point in May 2019.

Owens received personal support from President Trump in 2018 when he said it “had a huge impact on politics” and sparked a debate that was “so good for our country.”

Surprisingly, Owens did not register as a Republican until 2018 after the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. According to Candace Owens, Kavanaugh’s victimization had parallels with black men who were lynched because of the requirement to “believe women.”

Many people were offended by his attempt to link the “social lynching” with the actual lynchings of about 3,500 black Americans between 1882 and 1968, the Tuskegee Institute reported.

Candace Owens Politics

Candace Owens ’policy has changed over the years. Since 2017, however, he has delved into far-right conservative thinking. He has expressed his views through various outlets, including:

  • InfoWars, a conspiracy theory and fake news platform run by Alex Jones.
  • Candace Owens’ show on the PragerU YouTube channel: Despite the name PragerU, it is not an educational institution. Rather, it is a non-profit media company that frequently produces videos with anti-immigration perspectives and climate change denial.
  • Fox News, which he has always used to distance himself from conspiracy theories he admits on other platforms, including his blog.

Maintains a regular presence in Twitter and other social networking platforms. He has written a book, Off: how Black America can make its second escape from the Democratic plantation.

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Candace Owens: Scandals and Controversies

Much of Candace Owens ’fame comes from her willingness to jump into the midst of scandals and controversies, often making claims without any scientific or documented support.

Some of his well-known scandals and controversies include the following.

Women without children

In 2018, Candace Owens stated without evidence that “something happens biochemically” to women who do not have children.

To make the tweet even more damaging, he linked up with Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman. When Silverman resisted, Owens accused her of supporting gangs and terrorists.

Needless to say, Candace Owens had no children at the time. In mid-2021, she has a son.

Antifeminist visions

Owens opposes feminism and has called the #MeToo movement “stupid.” He claims he “hates” it.

The #MeToo movement is primarily about empowering men to use positions of power to take advantage of women.

She says #MeToo has flaws because it is based on the premise that “women are stupid, weak and inconsequential.”

“Muslim Prohibitions”

Owens supports the general travel bans of countries with predominantly Muslim populations.

He predicts that the United States will become a Muslim-majority country in 2050 and that sharia law will replace the country’s current legal system..

Election results for 2020

Candace Owens has repeatedly stated that the results of the 2020 presidential election are fraudulent and that Donald Trump, instead of Joe Biden, belongs to the White House.

She has called the election “clearly called.” Dozens of lawsuits have attempted to present similar arguments. None of them has shown enough evidence to advance the judicial system. The U.S. Supreme Court has also refused to hear cases about the 2020 election.

Several prosecutors who filed claims now face multimillion-dollar defamation lawsuits from companies that manufacture electoral voting systems and programs.

Support for Hitler

During a 2018 event at Turning Point, Owens stated: [Hitler] he was a National Socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany fantastic and make things work well, okay, well. ”

He added that the problem with Hitler was that he had ambitions beyond Germany and that he wanted to globalize.

Christchurch Massacre

The manifesto written by the shooter at the Christchurch massacre stated that he had been influenced by Candace Owens, especially his positions on access to firearms and anti-Muslim immigration. Owens responded quickly, saying he had never tweeted about the Second Amendment or Islam.

A review of his tweet history revealed several posts on both topics.


Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Owens has stated without evidence that the number of deaths was exceeded. (Experts believe deaths are sparse).

He has also claimed that Bill Gates is a “vaccine criminal”, the left has become a “Doomsday Cult” and that it was impossible for a vaccine to reach people before June (from June, millions of Americans have been vaccinated).

Comment by Candace Owens Harry Styles

In November 2020, musician Harry Styles appeared on the cover of Vogue with a Gucci dress. Candace Owens shared her cultural view that photography was another example of men’s feminization. Somehow, he connected the images with Marxism. He didn’t bother addressing powerful men throughout history who wore suits, togas, makeup, and wigs.

Candace received some criticism for her comments. Really, the attention he received was nothing compared to the attention Harry Styles enjoyed. Millions of fans of the musician responded favorably to his choice of costumes.

The choice was probably not as controversial as some people assumed. Many rock stars have appeared in costumes and other traditionally feminine costumes, such as Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Iggy Pop of the Stooges. For whatever reason, Owens felt he needed to add his opinion to a cultural phenomenon that goes back before he was born.

Is Candace Owens married?

Yes, Candace Owens is married to George Farmer, former president of Turning Point UK and private equity manager. She gave birth to her first child in 2021.

How much is Candace Owens worth?

Given the amount of time Candace Owens spends and her strong support for wealthy politicians, fans might assume she has significant wealth. In fact, its estimated value is only one million dollars.

He has said he plans to run for president in 2024. If so, he will have to raise considerable funds to campaign.

Overall, in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump spent about $ 1.3 billion.

Summary of the net worth of Candace Owens

Candace Owens is still a pretty young woman with decades ahead of her to grow her popularity and wealth. His current connections to the Republican Party and the Trump Organization could give a considerable boost to his career.

Depending on whether the Republican Party and the Conservatives decide to follow Trump’s leadership, Candace Owens could have opportunities to turn her discussion points into best-selling books.

After all, Bernie Sanders added about $ 2.5 million to his personal wealth by publishing a book during the brief period in which it looked like he could win the Democratic nomination.

If Owens achieves something similar, he could double his net worth.

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