Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Some readings out of the rhythm of the weekend:

The biggest story about the Olympics (Gaurav Sabnis)

Why Angela Merkel Has Been So Long (Spiked)

Violence May Return to Northern Ireland (RT)

The Hundred Years’ War of Arab Propaganda (TOI)

Gaza ceasefire unstable (Al Jazeera)

Mandela’s dream for ruined South Africa (New York)

The return of South African militias (Unherd)

When Denmark criminalized goodness (Granta)

The redundancy of farmers’ agitation (open)

Chasing friends outside of Kilter in Tokyo (Nat Geo)

The British shipwreck that changed the world (BBC)

Lankeshwari: The Goddess of Lanka (LHI)

Sivapada in Cambodia (Hindu aesthetics)

Murder in Whip City (truly adventurous)

Remembering Jagdish Raaj

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