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Munich is one of the richest parts of the Federal Republic of Germany. The cityscape of the metropolis with 1.5 million inhabitants is adorned with a multitude of magnificent Gründerzeit buildings and heavy industrial headquarters such as BMW and Siemens. The mix of a strong economy, a vibrant cultural scene and good rail and air connections make Munich an access point for the investment vehicles of wealthy families, the so-called family offices. A distinction is made between single-family offices and multi-family offices. Single-family offices manage the money of a family or family tribe, while multi-family offices group the money of several wealthy families or advise them.

Below we present 10 relevant single-family and multi-family offices in the Bavarian capital. These are part of our list of the 300 largest German single-family offices, as well as the list of the 100 largest German multi-family offices.

1. Extorel GmbH (single-family office)

Falk F. Strascheg built and sold a laser technology company in the 1970s. Strascheg also set up a venture capital firm and sold it to 3i. The assets of the Strascheg family are managed by the EXTOREL family office. The assets are invested in corporate investments, private market funds in the area of ​​venture capital and private equity, as well as in liquid assets. EXTOREL is a major investor in Munich and a major benefactor. Through EXTOREL, the Strascheg family funds the Strascheg Entrepreneurship Center, the Renate and Falk Strascheg Foundation and various cultural projects.

2. Aton GmbH (Single Family Office)

The assets of the Helmig family are managed by the ATON Family Office. This is particularly active as an investment company in the fields of engineering, mining, medical technology and aviation. The Digital Services investment area has recently been added. The ATON group’s portfolio consists of 17,300 employees and sales of around 2,000 million euros. ATON is an extremely active investor: for example, Antriebssysteme Faurndau GmbH was recently acquired in July 2021.

3. Reimann Investors (Single Family Office / Multi-Family Office)

After members of the Reimann entrepreneurial family — exactly the Reimann-Dubbers Tei — separated from their stake in the family-owned chemical company in the late 1990s, the Reimann Investors single-family office was founded. Over time, the family office also opened to outside investors, who represented a mix of single-family and multi-family offices. The Munich-based family office invests in passive ETFs, as well as in specific individual stocks and corporate investments in the digital sector. Portfolio companies include Spendit, Usercentrics and Klarna (after the sale of Sofortüberweisung).

4. WEGA Invest GmbH (Single Family Office)

Entrepreneurially, the Wendeln family in northern Germany is anchored in the industrial bakery business. After selling the family business in 2000, the single-family family office was established in Munich. This is based on the American university endowment model. It invests in various funds focused on return, impact and a balanced risk strategy. Thus, 5% of the portfolio is invested in gold, 25% in private capital, 20% in absolute return funds, 20% in equity, 15% in fixed income and 15% in real estate.

5. LEO Familienholding GmbH (single-family office)

The holdings of various Munich-based entrepreneurial families are grouped through the Munich-based LEO Familienholding. The investment company is organized as a family office and invests the shareholder’s capital. The company is an active investor, especially in the SME sector. The focus is on companies with annual sales of between 10 and 50 million euros. LEO Familienholding’s holding companies are actively growing: for example, the film and television services company FTA Film- und Theaterausstattung was acquired through the holding company Cine-Mobil Holding only in the summer of 2021. .

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The single-family offices mentioned above are part of our unique list of German single-family offices.

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6. Pamera Real Estate (Multifamily Office)

PAMERA is one of the largest multi-family real estate offices in Germany. The Munich-based family office invests in portfolio real estate, project developments and mezzanine. In total, PAMERA has assets under management of 850 million euros. In July, for example, he acquired a property in Augsburg with more than 3,000 square meters of offices and about 19,000 square meters of logistics space.

7. Spudy Family Office

Jens Spudy is one of the best known names in the world of German family offices. When he founded Spudy & Co. in 1994, it was one of the first multi-family offices in Germany. The current Spudy Family Office GmbH, based in Munich, was founded in 2015. It combines family office services, risk management services and real estate services.

8. Madaus Capital Partners (Multifamily Office).

The Munich-based investment company, MADAUS Capital Partners, is a special multifamily office. This is because, in addition to the classic family office services (asset structuring, asset consolidation, asset control), it invests in direct business investments. Although many family offices outsource it to third parties, MADAUS is actively involved and offers club offers for families on an individual basis. Approximately 3 investments are made per year; the current investment portfolio is made up of 14 companies, 11 exits have already been achieved.

9. HRK Family Office GmbH (Multifamily Office)

Huber, Reuss and Kollegen – HRK for short – is another well-known Multi Family Office based in Munich. Year after year, the company receives a “summa cum laude” rating in the Handelsblatt Elite Report. The services of the family office range from the acquisition of real estate to corporate investments and artistic investments. In addition, the Multi Family Office operates its own foundation, which operates in various charitable areas.

10. Vermögenskultur AG (Multifamily Office)

VERMÖGENSKULTUR AG also plays an important role in the landscape of several Munich family offices. Capital magazine gives the company a five-star rating. To this end, the magazine reviews more than 16,000 portfolios of 87 managers. VERMÖGENSKULTUR obtained the highest rating. In the area of ​​family offices, the company offers a variety of services, from foundation consulting to real estate and investment management or bidding and reporting services.

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The multi-family offices mentioned above are part of our unique list of German multi-family offices.

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