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When we started writing about Solana, it was trading at about $ 3.50 per witness. And making a prediction of Solana’s cryptocurrency prices still didn’t make sense. After all, it was pretty new then. But still, we liked what we saw. Back then, the foundational blockchain behind Solana cryptography seemed strong. And it looks even stronger now.

At the time, Solana was still a speculative investment. But speculators who took the risk have seen the value of Solana’s cryptography increase by about 1,600%. Not a bad performance in less than seven months. And the next seven months or so could be the same interesting.

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What caught our attention earlier this year was the three-point plan to revolutionize the operation of cryptographic transactions. At the time, there was a strip of “moon” rugs and scam coins that seemed to be tossed every week. In fact, some estimates suggest that DeFi scams and the DeFi carpet account for 99% of all frauds in the crypto markets.

But cryptography Solana came to the table with a plan. It was not like that not more promising to reward investors. And Solana fulfills his plan. It also goes through a reward for investors in the process. That’s why we’re so optimistic about this relatively new cryptography. And we are not the only ones. Trading volume has risen sharply in Solana’s cryptocurrency since it finally broke the $ 55 mark, where it had previously seen resistance.

Naturally, as the exposure grows, there will be ups and downs in line with the larger crypto markets. But it’s much easier to make a polite guess about a Solana cryptocurrency price prediction … Apparently, it’s just starting to heat up.

Succeed where others fall short

Cryptography founder Solana famously published a draft of the white paper featuring a new timing technique called the Proof of History (PoH). This proposal was developed to correct one of the main limitations facing Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of scalability. You see, the time it takes to reach a consensus on transactions was largely seen as a major disadvantage. But PoH was a way to automate this whole process … And it could act as a crucial detail that allows cryptographic networks to scale beyond their past capabilities.

The white paper generated a lot of attention. And it wasn’t long before Solana Labs was formed. And he began recruiting engineers the size of Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) i apple (Nasdaq: AAPL). In a couple of years, the team raised $ 20 million to fund its new cryptography network. And less than a year later, Solana cryptography was launched.

In this process, Solana’s core team has proven that the PoH model is a success. The registers (or “blocks”) of most crypts have a limited size and frequency. And this can drastically slow down transaction times. The PoH model solves this problem. But the Solana network also uses a stake-testing consensus algorithm, which helps keep the network secure.

Solana crypto is also currently exploring ways to further reduce transaction fees. When these tariffs were first introduced, they were a means of preventing bad actors from overloading cryptographic networks. But the speed of the PoH model makes this a problem. This makes it cheaper to transfer coins from one wallet to another.

And finally, Solana’s cryptography stands out when it comes to avoiding confirmation delays … This only means that it won’t take long to process deposits. In fact, Solana has proven to be able to process 50,000 transactions per second. And with a transaction fee of just $ 0.00001. Not too shabby.

A prediction of Solana’s cryptocurrency prices: why it still has a lot of upside down

Despite wild moves in value and technical advances, it is important to keep in mind one important detail: the Solana cryptography network is still in beta. Its initial iteration does not include betting rewards, which seems to be the norm today. But we don’t seem to have much more time to wait until the production-ready version is ready for prime time. That’s why it’s so hard to pinpoint a Solana cryptocurrency price prediction.

When this update occurs, anyone can assume Solana’s high level of cryptography. But it is certainly not ruled out that it may reach a three-digit rating at the end of the year … Above all if it stays in its current production schedule.

Solana has already shaken up the cryptographic community. And now that there are more investors sitting and taking notes, we have a pretty good feeling about Solana’s bright future. It was proposed to revolutionize the way cryptographic transactions are performed. We are now seeing it in real time. And, in the process, a lot of people’s cryptographic wallets feel a little more bulky these days. With even more to come.

The end result of Solana’s cryptocurrency price prediction

Part of what makes cryptographic markets so fascinating is that they are driven by innovation. And they are pushed back by the headlines. Cryptography expert Andy Snyder has long described cryptography as the very definition of a headline-driven market. And it is true. A tweet from the right person can send the value of a witness to heaven at an earlier time. But Solana is no meme-based witness. And it is built on a heckuva base. Don’t expect to see a TITAN type situation here.

This makes predicting Solana’s cryptocurrency prices much easier. We don’t expect to see Elon Musk or Mark Cuban make statements about it. But we hope that Solana’s cryptography and the network on which it is based will continue on its path of innovation. Therefore, as long as the crypto markets remain relatively healthy, Solana should continue its upward trajectory well above $ 100. And in a few years, if it actually becomes one of the standard cryptos as we think it could, it should be worth a lot more than that.

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