Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

I am writing to inform you that now a group of scammers periodically impersonate me (pretending to be Nial Fuller) on social media and other internet websites.

These impersonators actively contact our members and followers in messaging / chat apps via Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp and other social networking platforms.

Fake scam accounts will initially appear like me (Nial Fuller), with profile pictures and text similar to my actual profiles. Impersonators will try to talk to you for a while before they finally offer you a “change service for you” or a “managed account service” or something like that.

Don’t send money to anyone who claims it will change or invest for you. Do not send money to any bank account or recipient using any payment method, as you will never see your funds again.

If in doubt, always check with me first.

Note 1: The only time you should consider sending money or payments is to a broker platform that you are sure is reliable and legitimate. The only platform and runner graphics to which we refer our followers is here. Of course, you can choose your own broker and do your own research on vendors.

Note 2: Always contact me via an email linked to the domain of the official website Check the spelling of the domain if you are unsure.
the email addresses of people or departments of our company will be from the domain @

Note 3: All products and services I offer are only available through my website exclusively at this URL below. Check the spelling of your domain if you are unsure:

Note 4: These are my official social media accounts, click to view and check profile usernames:

Nial Fuller on Instagram
Nial Fuller on Facebook
Nial Fuller on Twitter
Nial Fuller in Telegram
Nial Fuller on Youtube
Nial Fuller and Linked In

Be vigilant at all times.

Nial Fuller

Contact Nial Fuller here.

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