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Our parallel alternative signal exchange framework has been tried and tested since January 24, 2016, with PROOF on continuous screen displays of common meeting exchange results. There are even recordings of exhibitions. 9 MT4 / MT5 dual-interchange replicas of ex4 and ex5 registers provide you with indicators with audible precautions, so you don’t need to keep looking at the alarm charts. These markers are not repainted. 60-second alternative exchange signals are shown as screws above and below the candle just before the exchange is to be placed. Our signs are in any case alive and constant. This MT4 / MT5 makes forex trading signals admirably for any of our recommended binary brokers. This is, by far, the most accurate parallel alternatives for exchanging available signal programming frameworks.

Includes CB and JWB platinum tested indicators MONTH platinum indicators SR, WT, MC, BB, SC, PK and price alert indicators. Earn up to 5 times more with MORE signals based on solid support and resistance principles, Bollinger bands, confirmation candle, RSI and moving averages.

Read this complete send an email carefully. To tell you the truth, this system can cost you a lot of money in no time, but you need to follow the smart money management of the martingale, protection against breakage to make sure you don’t get in too much at the entrances and have those “steel nerves.” If you stop before the win, it will be very difficult to regain the tie. Therefore, martingale is a method of all or nothing.

Profiles with optimized entries and optional templates:
Medium / Large profiles along with system techniques work virtually anytime and can only be left default for MANUAL trading. Small Ranging (Sm Ranging) is for times when the market is flatter. Use it with caution and choose a higher profile at the first sign of volume increase. For all profiles, if you achieve a second loss of entry, you may want to switch to a higher profile. Select the pair that works for your broker and Unzip after the download. You can delete / replace any profile pairs that do not work for your intermediaries. Just refer to the following spreadsheets to get the recommended input settings that match by profile for any pair you want to replace in your profile:
Forex pair alert sounds:
The Male (Call) and Female (Put) folders are recommended

(Optional) Profile alerts:
The average profile all the time also works well, but you need to be more careful about outbreaks. See the attached profile profile alert ICS file for your Thunderbird email client calendar alerts (free). The default time zone is Hong Kong (GMT + 8). Be sure to adjust it as needed to match your time zone. It’s a good idea to use Large or XL all day to be sure when you have important market news, such as jobs, interest rates, non-farm payrolls, etc., that reach maximum RSI levels. See the attached diagrams as well as the training guide on the MT4 system page.

(Optional) Indicator entry spreadsheets:


Install the video part 1 (and 2):

Click the blue button to display the instructions: http://binaryoptionsindicatorsignals.com/mt4_trading_system.html#mt4_system_installation-i

Smart money management:
It is recommended that you start with at least $ 700 or more, with $ 1,500 + making it ideal for $ 1 Turbo / 60 second trades until victory with a broker like IQ Option with good payouts. These entries should also be entered according to the following training. See the Platinum Indicator Reintroduction Calculator on the Trading Tools page:
Follow the training well before you start operating:

IQ Option Auto Trading:

Platinum indicators cost a $ 250 trading system for binary options
You need to upload the mt2iq library exe file attached to your MT4 library folder. See the attached suggested settings and use the XXL profile for best results. If the balance is less than $ 1k, it is recommended to stay with $ 1 fixed entries.
You can also do martingales on signals against losses. For example, if you lose an entry at $ 1, the next signal would enter at $ 2.25. Save 10% off the bot with the promo code: Platinum Indicators -10> www.mt2iq.com

All you have to do with the Platinum Indicators system that the bot uses is install the Platinum Indicators system, the bot software, and the bot library file.

The system works very well with: AUD / CAD, AUD / JPY, AUD / USD, EUR / AUD, EUR / CAD, EUR / GBP, EUR / JPY, EUR / NZD, EUR / USD, GBP / AUD, GBP / CAD , GBP / JPY, GBP / USD, NZD / JPY, NZD / USD, USD / CAD, USD / CHF and USD / JPY.

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