Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Cash / SRS / Crypto wallet

Performance indicators / dividends (TradFi portfolio only)

  • YTD time weighted return: 1.40%
  • XIRR since the creation of the portfolio in 2013: 16.55%
  • Dividends collected in the previous year: 3,132.61 SGD

Note: Do not provide return details or metrics to my encryption portfolio publicly.

Down wrong

June was rather a continuation of what happened in May, as the retail craze continues to leave the system. Nothing new happened, just a series of news stories about China aggressively shutting down major BTC miners that scared investors away from their currencies. This month several tests of ETH levels were repeated between $ 1700 and $ 1800, before bouncing a bit until the end of the month, when CNBC’s Jim Cramer announced he was buying ETH.

As a result, my overall portfolio value dropped to $ 1,756,959. A lot of losses certainly, but not unexpected, given the bear market, especially in DeFi.

Uncertain times

As I said during the Endowus webinar in May, it’s hard to tell where cryptography is headed. My personal opinion is that we will be bearish / neutral in the short term, while maintaining a long-term bullish outlook. Things stay low or soft until something fundamental changes.

I would say that “fundamental” here refers to market dynamics, rather than technology-related. Key technology-related catalysts have been well documented in recent months (EIP-1559, ETH2.0 merger, etc.) and retail investors didn’t really care about the sale. Changes in market dynamics here probably need to be the deployment of institutional funds in the cryptographic space. A positive sign of this front includes JP Morgan’s ongoing training of its customers on DeFi. MAS managing director Ravi Menon also shared a vision consistent with my DeFi thesis, which was interesting.

But until institutional fund flows occur, I feel like we would still be at the limit. Although the markets look firmer at the end of the month.

It’s not that I care where the market is going. Actually, I’m pretty agnostic about whether we’re going to stop here or we’re going to do gangbusters. Being long-term bullish, it’s only a matter of when the next exponential move occurs. In the meantime, I earn enough stablecoin performance to support my livelihood and reinvest in cheaper currencies where opportunities arise.

As usual, this is not a call to buy or sell stocks and just share my own thought process to get information. Also, crypto is a dangerous AF. Do your own due diligence before investing.

Quick call to Investment Quadrant

It has made me very lazy to promote my friends ’courses at The Fifth Person. In fact, I forgot to promote his Dividend Machines course when it opened earlier this year hehe.

Well, with the Investment Quadrant closing tonight (I almost didn’t forget about it), I thought I’d give them the quick annual shout out.

For new readers, Investment Quadrant has a budget, a fundamental and analysis-focused investment course, with the goal of providing you with the tools you need to find your own wrappers. If you are looking for a course that teaches real knowledge, a limited rise, and a performance reduction that also teaches you how to identify solid growth companies, this is your course.

You can find my previous review here. My opinions are still relevant.

Although I am currently largely into cryptography, solid fundamental analysis remains important. This is of growing importance as cryptographies gain more features such as equity.

Investment Quadrant is open to register until midnight tonight (July 5 at 12 noon) for 497 SGD. I’m told they’ll raise the price next year, so it’s your last chance to get Investment Quadrant at that price.

You can sign up through this link. Please note that this is an affiliate link and I get a small commission for it.

Endowus CPF OA portfolio

As you know, I have started investing my CPA OA funds with Endowus. I have shared the performance of my portfolio for readers ’reference to evaluate its performance. Nothing very special this month, just the recurring monthly top-up.

For more information on Endowus, see my review (Cash / SRS / Fund Smart portfolio details will be updated). Also, if you are interested in opening an account, feel free to sign up through my referral link. We will both receive a $ 20 discount on referral access fees.

Thanks from the reader

As usual, to the 3 and 10 people who liked my Facebook page and who have subscribed to my blog respectively since my last portfolio update, welcome. Most of you have subscribed / liked it after my webinar with Endowus, which is great. Feel free to contact us by email or Facebook. I usually have a great response capacity, as readers can attest. I hope you found the content of my blog useful 🙂

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