Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

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In my previous communications, I wrote about the idea of ​​avoiding online wallet crawlers, given the amount of irrelevant information you can see when you sign in to these crawlers and the unwanted action it can take.

Alternatively, I have advised keeping Excel-based crawlers. Because you have to enter data manually here, you may stay away from playing a lot.

However, as an intermediate way to create an Excel-based portfolio tracker that is also automatically updated with key information such as current stock price, market capitalization, and P / E, so you can check the your performance from time to time smoothly. to enter the latest stock prices: I created a simple crawler based on Google spreadsheets, which you can download from here.

To use this crawler for your own portfolio, simply copy the contents of my spreadsheet and paste it into your Google spreadsheet.

Online stock portfolio tracker: Safal Niveshak

This is the type of tracker I keep for my own stock portfolio, although the stocks mentioned in the sample you download are for guidance only and do not represent my personal portfolio.

The document also includes a sheet containing a sample stock list (again, all stocks in the list are for guidance only).

Let me know if you have any difficulties or have any questions about using this crawler. Put it in the comments of this post and I will try to help you with the same.

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That’s all I have left for today.

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