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Product description: is a web-based stock charts package. The website is run by father-son duo Gatis and Grayson Roze. Much of the site’s popularity can be attributed to the free StockCharts service, which allows traders to save graphics images that have the StockCharts watermark.

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Summary is one of the most popular free charting services. They offer a wide range of charts, technical indicators and trading tools. Most merchants are familiar with the free services of StockCharts. Is the paid version worth it? Read this review to find out.

About is a web-based stock charts package. The website is run by father-son duo Gatis and Grayson Roze. Much of the site’s popularity can be attributed to the free StockCharts service, which allows traders to save graphics images that have the StockCharts watermark.

Keep reading our review to see if the paid version is worth it.

StockCharts Free against StockCharts Premium

Free StockCharts

The main difference between StockCharts Free and Premium is that free charts are not real-time. You must update your charts to see an updated pricing action.

The free plan is pretty skinny, though it offers enough functionality for many swing traders and investors. They achieve the perfect balance of your free pay wall ratio, allowing you to experience the platform and see if you like it, but not enough to rely solely on free graphics. This contrasts with its main competitor,, which allows free real-time charts with far fewer restrictions.

Other limitations of the free plan are limited historical data, alerts, scanner, intraday graphics and others.

NOTE: We currently recommend it TradingView about Here’s why

StockCharts Premium

StockCharts has three payment plans: basic, additional and professional. They are all quite similar, but there are some key differences that will determine which plan you choose.

Payment plans have faster data. In the free plan, you must manually update the graphics to update them. Unlike most graphics packages, none of the payment plans are really real-time data. Automatic basic update every 15 seconds, Extra every 10 and Pro every 5 seconds. This is crucial information for everyday traders, as a few seconds can cause a break for them.

In addition, payment plans allow you to get more technical metrics and chart overlays, larger chats, more historical data, member-only comments, and other features.

Here is a breakdown of each payment plan:

StockCharts prices

Functions of


Payment plan members have a dashboard full of tools to use.

StockCharts control panel

The dashboard is full of basic features that any broker’s website will have, such as Daily Market Movers, Daily Market Overview, Display Lists, Alerts, and a Scanner. While nothing is innovative, the execution of these tools by StockCharts is above average. For example, your scanner is based on syntax, meaning you can write your own criteria in code, allowing you to do thousands of different scan combinations.

Graphics chart

My main drawback with StockCharts is that instead of a dynamic chart, it’s about images. This means that you cannot zoom in / out or turn on / off indicators on the fly. Each time you want to change the time period, setback period, or indicators, you must change all settings and generate a new graphic image. While this is great for journalists and writers to easily insert graphics into their articles, it doesn’t seem like a graphic solution for a serious marketer.

Outside of its standard candlestick charts, StockCharts has some fascinating types of charts for market analysis. By far the most useful, especially for impulse traders, is theirs Relative rotation graph graphic. Shows the relative strength of a stock group compared to a given benchmark during a given setback period.

StockCharts RRG

Another graph that is often not included on other platforms is its seasonality graph. This chart shows the historical trend in stock performance for each month of the year. In addition, you can compare actions with each other.

StockCharts seasonality

Are charts the main feature you are looking for when considering a StockCharts subscription, so are they compatible with the competition? StockChart’s main competitors are and Yahoo Finance. In our comparison, we will look for a comfortable intersection between value and quality.

First, we break down the prices of each platform; prices are based on monthly rates:

  • Between $ 15 and $ 40 a month
  • Between $ 15 and $ 60 a month
  • Yahoo Finance: Free (ChartIQ charts)

User-defined indexes

This feature is only practical for some, but it is an interesting feature. You can upload .csv data and create a StockChart. Maybe you keep track of your weight or the weight you can do with the bench, how good would it be to do a technical analysis on it? Have you ever wondered what the 200-day moving average of your daily weight is? Start tracking.


I’m a big fan of the StockChart stock scanner. It is based on syntax, so as long as you are within the StockCharts scripting language, you can write your own scans. The scanner allows you to add almost unlimited criteria to find the exact stock you want.

StockCharts Scanner

Education includes an educational section called ChartSchool. This section is available to free and paid members.

ChartSchool presents detailed guidelines on technical analysis. Categories include:

  • Analyze graphs
  • Technical indicators
  • Searching for stocks
  • And more

Each guide provides a detailed explanation of the key topic, supported by charts and annotated charts. Honestly, this is one of the most impressive parts of the service. These are some of the best and most comprehensive technical analysis guides on the Internet. If you are unfamiliar with technical analysis or are interested in learning a new concept, ChartSchool is excellent research.

Additional research

StockCharts members have access to the daily technical analysis reports of StockCharts staff as well as the decision point. This includes:

  • Daily market summary
  • Daily sector summary
  • Daily industry summary
  • SCTR Reports (SCTR is the proprietary technical rating algorithm of StockCharts
  • Cloud tickers (StockCharts’ 200 most popular tickers)
  • DecisionPoint Graphics Gallery

Is Better Than The Competition?

Membership in StockChart definitely has merit, but that depends on the type of trader or investor you are. I don’t think a daily trader gets much value from StockCharts payment services, as the charts are not real-time nor are the charts dynamic. The money of a daily trader is best spent on a platform like TradingView or on a trading platform complete with integrated charts.

NOTE: We currently recommend it TradingView about Here’s why

StockCharts is much better for swing traders and investors, for whom second-to-second market movements don’t matter. The multiple analysis tools to calculate relative strength and seasonality are also excellent for positional traders who perform distribution operations and sector-based views.

While StockCharts has some unique and useful tools, you need to look at the whole picture. What features are most important to you? Personally, I like speed and workflow. I want clean, responsive graphics. So StockCharts is not for me. I love the modern feel of TradingView, the built-in scripting language, the simple display lists, and the email and SMS alerts.

If you’re an O’Neill-style relative strength trader, StockCharts is probably a much better option, as you can chart the relative strength trend of several stocks at once.

Of course, part of that comes down to preference. When it comes to charts, each trader has their own preference, and sometimes that preference can be attributed to familiarity. Many traders use because they started with it and are comfortable with chart styles. Since the company offers free graphics, it’s definitely worth checking out.

That said, unless you like some specific features exclusively as a trader, you’re probably better off using a free subscription to Yahoo Finance or TradingView or paying for TradingView.

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