Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

I have been with my current company for almost 3 years. I wasn’t happy because it seemed toxic to me. Colleagues are not kind, but I also consider that I am not here to make friends. I told myself: my main goal is to bring the dough home.

Since the end of last year, I have been applying for papers to see the right ones. I won’t say I’m actively looking, as I don’t feel like leaving my current job.

Anyway, I decided to update my memories in my job search earlier. It was nice to read my thoughts over the years:

– In 2016 I was worried about a job interview. He still remembered that he was upset with the hiring manager who could not conduct the interview properly. Maybe I should mark them in TAFEP.

– 2018 was the year I actively looked for a new job. Interestingly, I got a role pretty quickly and accepted the role in the end. Bade realized my old job and joined the new organization. I didn’t have a good start in the new job, I met toxic colleagues who luckily left and now I’m settling in as a senior on the team.

– 2019 – he complained about the job, but he also needed time to settle down and prove me here.

– 2020 – planned to find new opportunities, but Covid succeeded

– 2021 – I think I can continue to navigate my current role as I am mostly WFH, but I also want to jump into a more established company to prove my worth.

Luckily, I got an offer … from a tech company.

Despite this, the offer is similar to the one I drew. I thought tech companies can pay, or maybe I earn at the same level as the market rate? 😅

I’m at a crossroads where I’m not sure if I should pass the pass. If the offer was much higher than the one I was currently drawing, I would be tempted to make the change. However, with similar compensation, even though the workload and potential stress are higher, I’m not sure if it will be worth taking on that job … even if I consider it a springboard.

The main attraction is the brand of the organization and it will definitely leave a good mark on my resume. I probably also had other companies knocking on my doors to open up more opportunities for me.

PERUT, I’m also planning motherhood, and while I can’t control its success, I’m worried it will cause me stress (increased infertility). What if I get pregnant in the new organization?

My husband was not so encouraging. He said I’m not ambitious anyway. Why do I have to prove my worth and go to a new place that will definitely be more stressful?

In any case, it is good to have an option. I think my offer gave me more confidence. My ego makes me ashamed that I am good enough to join a consolidated company.

I will probably take on the new offer.

At worst, if I can’t adapt to the new environment, I will give up. Good thing I have a buffer to cover my liabilities if I leave without a job. 🤭

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