Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Happy Sunday, people, and Happy Mother’s Day!

We don’t talk a bit informally, plus I have some updates for you; it’s not better than the present, is it? Let’s get into it.

Equity profitability calculators

I just finished a massive update to the backend of wealth profitability calculators. This is the following series:

I’ve pruned some old stale things: think about buying, changing, bankruptcies, closed-end funds, mergers, exchange rate changes, and so on. The tool will also be able to automatically remove old tickers.

Second, I ran and added bookmarks that the tool was not currently following. Here you will find changes (and SPACs), referrals, IPOs and the like.

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to automate this process. There are many rights, guarantees and other old instruments in the data that I have to delete manually. When IEX recovers a corporate stock and an IPO end point, I will automate them, but for now, it should remain a manual process.

Finally, I took a look at the bugs and data splits. Here’s half a step, but it’s important: I’ve added a web form to override historical data from a ticker when we detect errors.

For recent data issues, I will receive an email. If you see tickers with historical data problems (e.g. over 10 years ago), send me one more note on the bookmark and I’ll take a look. (I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to automate this step completely, but that saves me a lot of time writing handwriting scripts, haha.)

Oh, and it’s still free up to the rate limit. So check out the tools and enjoy!


My friend – and fellow Bay Arean – Michael Mechanic recently finished his book on the super rich, Awards. It traces how the rich really live, in addition to their habits and legacies.

Check it out here

(Oh, and if you review the footnotes, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find there!)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Personally, we got the COVID vaccine from Johnson & Johnson after it was re-released here in California. Even with my supposed numerical calculation, I will continue to watch the clots for a few weeks, of course.

We haven’t been on the plane in a while, so we hope to change road trips for Boeings.

I don’t think I shared it here, but we adopted a dog. Meet Otto:

Otto Somrient

Only a few of their DNAs were re-recognized when they were tested. He is first of all a German Shepherd with a bunch of Huskies … and somehow, some Rottweilers (I didn’t see it coming!).

I have a lot more calculators coming to DQYDJ – I’ll send some to the list, but I’ll skip the smaller ones. See the calculators page if you do really i want to see it all … but some will be key.

I also owe you some prose – I’ll get to that at last.

I hope everything goes well for you!

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