Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

by Michael Snyder

Most cryptocurrency owners would not even imagine that someday heavily armed federal agents could come and arrest them when they least expect it. But these kinds of things are starting to happen with alarming frequency. As long as it adheres to all the very strict federal rules that have been set to govern cryptocurrencies, it will be fine. But if you try to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as truly independent means of exchange that were originally designed, you could soon have an armored vehicle crash into the side of your home.

I know it sounds really weird. And Ian Freeman certainly never expected such a thing to happen to him.

But in the morning, very early, he did …

The sky was still dark when officers arrived at Leverett St., in Keene, New Hampshire, a lush block of fitted houses on the quiet edges of the small college town. They settled in a house on the corner, surrounding it with two armored BearCat G3s and an unmarked SUV fleet. Both BearCats had gunners parked on a roof hatch, camouflaged dressed. The only light came from the blue and red sirens that strobed the houses in all directions.

Ian was sleeping upstairs when one of the armored BearCats fell next to his house. What happened next is like a scene from a science fiction movie …

Inside, Ian Freeman was sleeping with his girlfriend and his little dog Coconut. He awoke to the sound of a glass exploding. A fist, tied to the front of one of the BearCats, had plowed through a first-floor window, ripping the frame as it receded. Freeman tossed a bathrobe and stumbled downstairs, still shaking his sleep. There were shattered glass everywhere. His first thought was that some stranger had thrown a brick. But then he heard a whirling sound, a small flat drone that police had deployed to explore the house. He looked outside and saw blinding lights. When they focused next to the lights, the men aimed rifles at him.

So what were Ian Freeman and other New Hampshire libertarians doing to justify this treatment?

They were accused of carrying out “an unlicensed money transfer scheme”.

In other words, they were trying to use Bitcoin as a means of independent exchange outside of the strict government regulations that have now been put in place.

Of course, it is perfectly legal to “invest” in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can roll the dice for the value of these highly speculative “investments” whatever you want, but make sure you pay your taxes for any profit.

Because if you don’t pay your taxes, heavily armed IRS agents may show up at your door.

Currently, IRS agents confiscate more cryptocurrencies than ever before. In fiscal year 2019, the total value of cryptocurrencies confiscated by the IRS was about $ 700,000, but this fiscal year the total total has already exceeded $ 1.2 billion …

Koopman’s team of IRS agents does not fit the stereotypical mold. They are sworn police officers who carry weapons and insignia and execute search, arrest and confiscation orders. They also recover record amounts of cryptocurrency.

“In fiscal year 2019 we had approximately $ 700,000 in cryptographic seizures. In 2020, it was up to $ 137 million. And so far, in 2021, we were at $ 1.2 billion, ”Koopman told CNBC. The fiscal year ends on September 30th.

This is absolutely crazy.

But this is the direction the whole world is going.

Just look at what has happened in China. In recent months, there has been repression after repression …

In May, China banned financial institutions and payment companies from providing cryptography-related services. In June, there were mass arrests in China of people suspected of using cryptocurrencies in nefarious ways. That same month, regulators put pressure on banks and payment companies to stop providing cryptocurrency services and Weibo, China’s Twitter, suspended accounts related to cryptography.

At this point, it has become extremely clear that the Chinese intend to completely eliminate the crypts from their society …

As of July, half of the world’s bitcoin miners have already darkened following Beijing’s request to severely crack down on mining and bitcoin trading.

“The Chinese government is doing everything possible to ensure that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies disappear from the financial systems and the Chinese economy,” said Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings and a member of the Bitcoin Mining Council.

As I have always said, national governments would not only stand by, as private citizens created currencies totally beyond their control.

In the Western world, governments seem content to allow people to treat crypts as collectibles. They can be bought and sold legally through approved markets, as do other speculative investments.

But any attempt to turn Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency into a viable means of exchange that works completely out of government control will simply not be tolerated.

That’s why I’ve never been so excited about cryptos. If they are never allowed to be true independent “currencies”, what kind of future do they really have?

All over the world, national governments are becoming more authoritarian with each passing year, and this process has been greatly accelerated during the current pandemic.

I know many people dream of truly independent libertarian “utopias” that exist outside of this paradigm, but as national governments become increasingly authoritarian, where will it be possible for these “utopias” to exist?

Throughout human history, tyranny has been the norm. Our founders tried to establish a society in which certain freedoms and liberties were guaranteed, and that society flourished a lot for a while, but now our freedoms and liberties are stripping a little more every day that passes.

So we cry for America, because the path we are currently following leads us nowhere.

Control over money means everything to the ruling elite and many believed that truly independent currencies could usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity for humanity.

Unfortunately, national governments seem quite determined to make sure that the new era of freedom and prosperity never materializes.

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