Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

To be able to remember this “historic” moment.

I completed my first photo on June 26th. It was probably the first slot I found on my CC.

He is waiting for her

Even though my slot was at 16:30, I arrived at 16:00 (thanks gojek for the free trip😊). When I got to the CC, it was pretty full. In the queue for about 5-10 minutes before we were fired. The whole process was tidy and everyone had patience.

The seats were separated in an orderly fashion and everyone complied. I think I only managed to get into the main lobby by injection around five in the afternoon.


Inside the main room, I was introduced to the check-in desk and I passed my IC to verify it. They will ask you if you are feeling well and check if you have any known allergies.

Once registered, I was surprised to learn that I would head to the booths for injections. I thought I should wait again.

Injection cabin

Inside the stand, the nurse will verify your identity and ask you the same questions, whether you are feeling well or have allergies. He also mentioned that it is normal to feel pain and mild fever. If it persists, see the document. I didn’t really pay much attention to him because I couldn’t feel good in the hallway.

He later asked where I would like my injection for which I mentioned my left. I rolled up my sleeve and A LOT. It was not a gentle injection because it hurt. While the process may seem quick, the moment he punctured and removed the injection seemed like a slow motion to me.

I felt pain immediately and prayed that I would not have any adverse reactions.

30 minutes of waiting after the blow

Then they took me to the seats to wait 30 minutes.

I used my phone to pass the time. Fortunately, there are no reactions except pain.

Output counter

After the 30 minutes were over, they called me at the check-out counters where the staff asked me if I was okay. He mentioned some common effects that would occur after the puncture, but didn’t actually listen. Later he handed me a bag and that was it! 3 packs of masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Very grateful for his gestures, but I have a few disinfectants and I don’t do much of it. I also have no doubt that he will put on my masks. Do you have any idea where I can give them?

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