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The Friday Stock Exchange offers disappointing results

As July approaches, global stock market indices have very different samples between different economic centers. Overall, U.S. stock indexes appear to be doing well, and all three show a decent increase. When we look at Thursday’s close, we see the Dow rise 1.7%, the Nasdaq Composite rise 1.9% and the S&P jump 2.8%. On the other hand, the Asian indices show significant struggles when the whole of July is contemplated. As such, Hang Seng fell 9.9% and Shanghai Composite fell 5.4% overall.

The last trading day of July played an important role in the misbehavior of Asian stocks in general. For the two indices we mentioned, the Hang Seng fell a massive 1.35% in a single day. Shanghai Composite’s decline was slightly less drastic, with a 0.4% drop on Friday. Nikkei did not perform well either, showing the strongest fall of 1.8%. Still, the worst result in July is that the NASDAQ Golden Dragon China index fell 22%.

Even US stocks, which have been doing well this month, expect a disappointment on Friday. As such, the Nasdaq Composite fell 0.9% in a single day as soon as markets opened. The S&P 500 was not very different in its direction, although the trajectory was less severe. The index fell 0.5%, seeking to maintain most of the gains made during the month. The Dow appears to be the most stable of the three, with a marginal drop of around 0.1%.

Investors can’t even look for consolation in Europe, as their indices also show poor performance. The London FTSE 100 fell 0.7%, a rather significant loss for large indices. Stoxx Europe 600 is slightly better with a drop of 0.3%. Another significant loss occurred at the Frankfurt DAX, with a fall of 0.6%.

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