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“If you don’t follow the bond market, you’ll miss an amazing drama.”

It goes through the wave of capital preservation. Gather your friends and family. Call if necessary, but don’t miss the IPO bond tender. Edelweiss Financial Services is set to open its doors to investors for IPO bids on August 17 this year.

Edelweiss is one of India’s leading financial services conglomerates, offering a solid platform to a diversified customer base across national and global geographies. They are mainly dedicated to the provision of credit for both retail companies and for investments and advice (wealth management, asset management) and insurance (life, general).

Edelweiss’s IPO has been rated AA by an independent credit rating agency and provides interest of up to 9.70% and a stay of 120 months. All you have to do is set a reminder on the BondsIndia website and make your bid as we will send you a reminder when it is posted.

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About the company (company statistics, classification, etc.)

Issuer Edelweiss financial services Limited
Type of instrument Guaranteed, exchangeable and non-convertible obligation
Listing To appear in the BSE
Size of the problem Base issue size of 200 µl with an option to keep the excessive subscription up to 200 µl.
Issue price 1,000 RS per NCD
Minimum investment Rs. 10,000
Date of opening of the number August 17, 2021
Number closing date September 6, 2021
Emission mode Dematerialized mode only


Option / Series









Nature of MNTs

Guaranteed exchangeable and non-convertible

Who can apply?

All categories of investors (categories I, II, III and IV)


36 months

60 months

120 months

Frequency of interests









Best Coupon Percentage (% Bread) for:

Category 1, II, III and IV









Effective yield (% pa) for:

Category 1, II, III and IV









Financial performance of the Edelweiss financial service

Financial performance of Piramal Capital

Key strengths and credit risks

Key strengths

  • Diversified business profile

    The group has been diversifying within each of its key businesses, in addition to entering new businesses in recent years. It is now present in the segments of retail and wholesale lending, securities intermediation, asset management, asset management, insurance, stressed asset management and alternative assets. Many of these have now reached a considerable scale and are likely to lend greater stability to gains

  • Demonstrated ability to build significant competitive positions among companies

    While the group remains a major player in the traditional brokerage business, it has also created a major loan book. In the distressed asset segment, EARC remains the largest ARC in India. The market position established in companies related to the capital market should provide the group with a regular flow of income based on medium-term commissions.

Credit risks

  • Quality of assets exposed to risks related to the concentration of wholesale loans

    The quality of credit business assets has deteriorated in the last 18 months. While the quality of the assets in the retail lending book remained comfortable, the quality of the assets in the wholesale lending book deteriorated significantly. they would be key controllable. This stems from the sensitivity of the borrowers of these loans to the current environment

  • Lower profitability than peers

    Profitability has been lower than other large groups in the financial sector. Although profitability had an upward trend in recent tax rates, it has had a significant impact during 2020. With higher credit costs, the return on assets (annualized) and the return on own resources (annualized) ) fell sharply to 0.5% and 3.4%, respectively. , during the first 9 months of 2020 (1.6% and 12.6%, respectively, in 2019). Supply costs increased by 71% year-on-year (year-on-year) to 651 million euros during this period.

Why choose India Bonds?

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How to invest in the stock market

The application process on the Bonds India platform is simple and straightforward.

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