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In this post, you will find the best forex brokers with the lowest spreads in EURUSD. You can see how I chose them from 200 brokers and why they definitely have the lowest spreads + commission for EURUSD. I also look at this pair from different angles that can help you when it comes to changing it.

But before all that, let me introduce these forex brokers.

You will see in this article:

The best forex brokers with the lowest spreads in EURUSD

The following is a list of the top ten brokers with the lowest EURUSD spreads according to our independent study of them:

Methodology: How did I find low-value currency brokers on EURUSD?

Some Forex brokers post their spreads or, in some cases, the average spreads on their website, but not all brokers do. Also, those who publish their spreads are sometimes not entirely honest about it.

What you will find on all review websites are the spreads posted by forex brokers. Some of these review sites don’t even know much about intermediaries ’spreads and commissions, or so they seem.

For example, they list a lot of agents with differences like 0 or 0.1 pips for EURUSD, which we all know there is no such thing. Even if sometimes a broker can provide 0.1 pips as a spread, they charge a commission that needs to be added, for example, $ 7 per lot. So what you really pay for is 0.8 pips and not 0.1 pips. Also, most of the time, this is not the average difference of a pair, but it is the lowest difference you receive.

In addition, all this is true when we give runners the advantage of doubts and take their words for granted. We don’t know if they’re completely honest about it when we don’t have an unbiased place to check it out again.

You mean we never know the real differentials of brokers unless we open a real account with them, you may ask for it, this is not even possible because there are broker providers out there.

Well, I had a solution for that. There is a website called myfxbook with many registered brokers and over ten thousand real accounts connected to these brokers. The site publishes the spreads that these real accounts receive from their brokers.

I went through all the currency brokers that were there and monitored their spreads in EURUSD for about a month in order to find the currency brokers with the lowest spreads for EURUSD.

Because the lowest trading commission is usually related to a type of broker account called ECN or Zero spreads, and there is a commission charged for that type of account, what you see here is actually the spreads + broker commission for EURUSD.

EURUSD volatility and average daily range

EURUSD is the most quoted currency pair among all currency pairs. As a result, it’s the most liquid pair, which means there are always buyers and sellers, so you barely see gaps, especially above the 15-minute deadline.

All this places EURUSD in the middle category in terms of volatility. According to the study we did, the average daily range or average daily movement of EURUSD is 84 pips (the study runs from 2014 to 2021)

Because EURUSD is the highest liquid pair, it has the lowest spreads between all major and minor currency pairs. As a result, it is one of the best pairs for scalpers or day traders.

EURUSD correlation

The correlation between currency pairs occurs when there is a significant relationship between the movements of two pairs. It can be positive or negative. In the positive correlation, the pairs move in the same direction and, in the negative correlation, choose a different path opposite each other.

Among exotic currency pairs, EURUSD has the strongest positive correlation with EURSGD. The correlation between them is usually around 90%.

The strongest negative correlation between EURUSD and an exotic pair is between EURUSD and USDCZK, which is around -90%.

When it comes to the correlation between EURUSD and major / minor pairs, GBPUSD has the strongest positive correlation with a + 85% correlation and USDCAD is the most negative with a -70% correlation. Of course, USDCHF is also one of the pairs that most often has a strong negative correlation with EURUSD.

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