Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Having joined the cryptography service earlier this year (see my guide on setting up a Gemini account here), I’ve been eager to grow my cryptography through participation (similar to earn interest, even though the returns come in currencies). By the way, if you are interested in registering for Gemini, use my reference here: P

I’ve been betting on my BTC, ETH using Gemini Earn, but the interest is nothing to call it off (see the images below):

So when I met Hodlnaut who offered a greater interest, I got hooked. Here is a comparison of interest in BTC and ETH in Hodlnaut.

This represents 7.46% in Hodlnaut compared to 1.65 / 2.05% in Gemini …

In addition, they also had a giveaway that ends on August 20, 2021 which you can participate in here

Here is a fake registration guide for first signers:

1. Registration

  • Use my referral link here and you’ll be directed to the next page. PS: Through my link, you will get a US $ 20 sign-up bonus after making an initial deposit of 1,000 accepted coins * in Hodlnaut.
  • Make a note to enter your file name according to IC.

* These are your currencies admitted as of August 15, 2021:

2. Follow their incorporation guide

  • First, check your email.
  • Second, it will take you to a page to set up Google Authenticator 2fa
  • Third, complete the verification check also known as KYC in “Identity Verification.” You will need to type in the name according to the IC, address, phone number, IC, face verification and upload the proof of address. These are quite similar to the Gemini record.

3. Wait 1-2 business days for your account to be approved

PS: mine was verified on the second working day.

My experience so far

Registration was quite easy and you can also browse the app. The user experience is similar to that of Gemini (which I like), so congratulations to the SG team.

If you find this guide useful and / or want to get higher interest on your BTC, ETH through Hodlnaut, use my link here:

I will keep you up to date on my hodlnaut trip.

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