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According to many analysts, the solar energy industry continues to represent one of the most promising long-term investment opportunities, as capital flows into funds dedicated to sustainable energy solutions.

However, many of the space’s stockpiles have been crowded over the past two years, especially during the preparation for Biden’s presidency last fall, and fund managers took on a major policy change to help the ‘expansion of solar space.

This has left behind many potentially interesting opportunities, as everyone is chasing the first group, with retail investors increasing that momentum for a select few players.

For investors looking for a speculative opportunity, this is an interesting place. Underrated and undervalued solar names can overlook gems with real prospects, especially as billions flow into the industry from government and ESG funds.

This could involve some interesting things for stocks like ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE: SOL), Maxeon Solar Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: MAXN), Green Stream Holdings Inc (OTC US: GSFI), Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ: SUNW), Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (OTC US: ASTI) and Sunnova Energy International Inc (NYSE: NOVA).

ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE: SOL) is engaged in the manufacture of wafers and solar modules. It works through the following segments: Wafers, cells and modules and solar energy projects.

The Wafer segment includes the manufacture and sale of monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar wafers and processing services. The segment of cells and modules consists of the manufacture and sale of photovoltaic cells and modules. The solar energy projects segment offers development of solar energy projects, EPC services and electricity.

ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE: SOL) recently announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Emeren, a project developer based in London, UK, specializing in the development of renewable energy plants in Europe and other markets. to jointly develop the terrain -solar programs assembled in Italy, with a series of transactions scheduled for 2021. As part of the agreement, ReneSola Power and Emeren will develop projects in a wide range of sizes across the country, with the goal of reaching 110 MW for shovel projects by 2022. The two companies hope that the collaboration will further strengthen their presence in the Italian market.

Josef Kastner, CEO of ReneSola Power European Region, commented: “We are delighted to work with Emeren. ReneSola Power is committed to accelerating solar development in Europe and, together with Emeren, we hope to bring a range of high quality projects to the Italian market, which will allow greater growth in the region ”.

Even in light of this news, SOL has had a tough trading action over the past week, with shares sinking 15% in that time. That said, graphics support is close by and we may be in the process of building a nice setup for some backward movement. Over the past month, equities have come under clear selling pressure, which has fallen by approximately -16%.

ReneSola Ltd. (NYSE: SOL) managed to earn revenue totaling $ 22.8 million in overall sales during the company’s most recent quarterly financial data, a figure that represents a top-of-the-line growth rate of 7.6% , compared to the previous year’s data. in comparable terms. In addition, the company has a solid balance sheet, with cash levels higher than current liabilities ($ 301 million versus $ 51.1 million).

Green Stream Holdings Inc (OTC USA: GSFI) is a single player in space, given its focus on community solar systems and rooftop solar-powered greenhouses that maximize systemic efficiency from many angles.

This is a potentially ideal solution for urban waste, which includes space, water, energy and air. If there’s one thing the ESG crowd can achieve, it’s sustainability. And waste is the enemy of sustainability. Smart solutions that eliminated wasted energy, water, space and air look like the ESG alley.

Green Stream Holdings Inc. (OTC USA: GSFI) announced last month which launches its plan to use solar greenhouses to create micro networks in urban areas. In fact, much progress has already been made in this direction with ongoing surveys at specific sites.

James DiPrima, CEO, stated: “We are heading to urban areas with a high energy cost. We are covering our footprint on another potentially wasted resource that is hidden from the sight of cities across the country: empty roofs, steps Our solar greenhouses occupy a little used space and turn them into sustainable farms in the interior of the city, taking advantage of the collected solar energy and runoff water to become an oasis for products. healthy.

Stocks have moved under the radar and haven’t attracted too much attention, which is often the case with OTC names. But it has tangible catalysts going forward and can be worth it, especially if the tape starts to show signs of buildup.

Green Stream Holdings Inc. (OTC US: GSFI) has an interesting case to make. As its general manager continued: “Roofs with vegetation are believed to extend the life of the roof, conserve energy and reduce rainwater runoff and air pollution; new studies show that they can also increase the performance of solar panels. Plants reduce the contribution of a roof to the urban heat island effect by decreasing the air temperature around evaporation; this cooling can also make photovoltaic panels perform more efficiently. Plants also reduce air pollutants and dust particles, allowing the panels to absorb more sunlight. We now have the ability to significantly impact the communities we serve with the opportunity for multiple revenue streams from each project, from supplying electricity to utilities, to growing fresh fruits and vegetables for local restaurants. The growing season is 24 to 7/365 in our climate-controlled roof greenhouses powered by solar arrays and with a double advantage: store energy during the day to use at night and use excess energy to return to communities as a source of energy. ”

Sunworks Inc (NASDAQ: SUNW) is presented as a company dedicated to the supply of photovoltaic based energy systems for the residential, commercial and agricultural markets. Its services include design, systems engineering, contracting, project installation, construction, networking, warranty, system monitoring and maintenance.

This is a potentially undervalued name that has not received much attention despite some interesting strategic moves over the past few months that have helped fuel growth.

Sunworks Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) recently announced second-quarter financial results ended June 30, 2021. On April 8, 2021, Sunworks acquired Solcius, LLC, a fast-growing, private residential solar company for 51 , $ 8 million, creating a national solar power supplier with a presence in 12 states. Financial results for the second quarter, including revenue of $ 32.1 million, compared to $ 9.7 million in the second quarter of last year, include Solcius’ operating results since the acquisition, without any contribution corresponding in the period of the previous year.

“With Solcius integration largely completed, we have made significant progress in improving every facet of our organization,” commented Gaylon Morris, CEO of Sunworks. “Solcius is now processing all new residential projects and we are benefiting from their breadth and experience. Increasing battery availability allows us to process various jobs that had been maintained since 2020. In addition, Solcius now offers battery storage as a complement to all markets, offering consumers a more complete and increasing solution. our revenue opportunities. We have expanded into the Laredo, Texas market and plan to expand to Dallas in September and Houston by the end of the year. In line with the trends in this market, we expect strong year-on-year growth in residential income ”.

While this is a clear factor, it has been incorporated into a commercial tape that is characterized by a fairly dominant offering, which has not been the kind of action that SUNW shareholders really want to see. In total, over the past five days, stock prices have fallen about -8% above the trading volume above average. All in all, it’s not a particularly friendly tape, but it can ultimately present new opportunities. Over the past month, equities have come under clear selling pressure, which has fallen by approximately -17%.

Sunworks Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) managed to earn a total of $ 6.2 million in overall sales during the company’s most recent quarterly financial data, a figure that represents a top-of-the-line growth rate of -50 , 1%, compared to the previous year’s data. in comparable terms. In addition, the company has a strong balance sheet, with cash levels higher than current liabilities ($ 82.8 million versus $ 16.7 million).

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