Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

In April I shared that I am approximately $ 200,000

3 months less, I crossed the value of the $ 200,000 portfolio, mainly due to the recent cash injection into my Tiger Brokers account.

Tiger Brokers Portfolio Update (~ $ 136,000 SGD)

In my previous post, I had a paper profit of $ 9k.

To this day, with the bloodshed amid China’s technology stocks and with a good majority of my Tiger portfolio holding its technology and banking stocks, I see it negative.

I will be frank that I had averaged my Tencent shares (note, the minimum transaction of 100 shares) at 470 HKD on July 27, 2021. I should have been more patient as the price dropped to at ~ 420 HKD within a few hours. That means a paper loss of $ 880 SGD almost instantly haha.

Here is the distribution of my actions:

CDP portfolio update (~ € 85,000 SGD)

Since my start with Tiger Brokers, I haven’t bought any stock directly using vickers CDP / DBS I used previously. His fees are too horrible compared to Tiger.

Anyway, I have always seen red for my CDP due to stock errors in the SGX market. Actions such as SIA, Singtel, First Reit, Sabana Reit, SIA Engineering, etc. which I bought at a high level, they are causing paper losses of + $ 7k $ +.


Although I have a portfolio value of $ 221 thousand SGD, I have technically accumulated more than the amount 🤣

I’m no investment guru, but I hope all of this is good protection against inflation. I will continue to invest instead of leaving my money in the banks.

Reference (cheeky plug)

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They now offer:

  • 60 free commission transactions within 180 days (instead of 5 when I signed up !!!)
  • 500 tiger coins, which is a recent concept where you can exchange coins for vouchers (not the most attractive advantage)
  • And best of all, A FREE APP SHARE ifTA if you deposit $ 2,000 SGD (previously donated shares to Disney)

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