Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

I had a few goals set (see the left board of my blog).

Some were unattainable, others came to fruition by time, effort, and perhaps luck.

My most recent goal was to reach the value of the $ 200,000 stock portfolio this year.

It took me seven years to start investing properly. He used to be a mega saver. The next picture was mine cash savings milestone. I think I did a great job saving that amount. I mean, $ 300,000 in cash at 30 … it’s pretty crazy. I even set the goal of saving $ 600,000 for 35.

But I woke up.

I needed my money to work better. I saved thanks to the job, but I don’t want to be forced into my job. I aim to stop working at 40. How I would have liked to start my investment journey earlier so I can quit smoking now.

It was through Tiger Brokers that it made the investment easier to access foreign markets MORE that it is cheaper.

I no longer have $ 300,000 in cash. In fact, I’m trying to reduce it to $ 100,000 in cash and accumulate the rest in the market.

As of today, I have a portfolio of about $ 200,000 at Tiger Brokers and my CDP. Honestly, my SG stock formed CDP drags me down. The excitement goes into my Tiger app haha!

Tiger Brokers portfolio update

Here’s a look at the value of my portfolio at Tiger. That’s a good paper profit of $ 13,000 SGD 🙂

If I had kept the money in the banks, I would not be able to see those gains.

This experience further reinforces the need to invest and has been an interesting journey riding the market waves.

Reference (cheeky plug)

If you are interested in starting your investment journey, now Tiger Brokers is improving the sign-up bonus (yes to the competition🐮!)

They now offer:

  • 60 free commission transactions within 180 days (instead of 5 when I signed up !!!)
  • 500 tiger coins, which is a recent concept where you can exchange coins for vouchers (not the most attractive advantage)
  • And best of all, A FREE DISNEY DISTRIBUTION ifTA if you deposit $ 2,000 SGD (seems to be struggling with moomoo offering shares of Apple)

If you are interested in receiving free Disney action and use Tiger Brokers, use my reference linkor scan the QR code to register😊

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