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VelociRaptor Grid EA Worth 9 free version

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Time period : M15, H1
Negotiation time : All day
Description : Expert advisor in multiple currencies based on a modified version of Martingale system with an additional function of using the average. The EA builds a grid from a group of commands (opens a new position if a withdrawal appears in the previous one) until all positions close at the same time with gains or imbalances.
Stop Loss is not used in the system, so there can be no separate solution to the losses.
A distinctive feature of VelociRaptor Grid is that it opens another new position not with a certain grid step, as is usual for most advisors, but at the opening of each new candle, if the distance to the previous order it is not lower than specified in the configuration, so a dynamic grid of commands is always created.

1) Advisor name, number, review.
2) AutoMM (Automatic Batch Adjustment) mode display. When disabled, it is disabled.
3) Information about the difference: current and average of the pair from the time the advisor was installed on the chart.
4) Disposition information: total account as a whole and by the current symbol (in currency and percentage)
5.6) Current open leg number and the number of the leg to which the equilibrium level will be fixed.
7.8) Values ​​of batch volumes: batch of the last open knee, the batch with which the next order will be opened and the sum of all batches for the pair.
9) Job status: If there are no problems at work, the message is displayed Work…


Leverage: 1: 500 and above
Maximum spread: no more than 6-7 pips for smaller pairs (AUDNZD, EURCAD, etc.).
StopLevel / FreezeLevel: no more than 5 points.
Risk size per pair: 15-20% for conservative operations, 20-30% for increased risk.

VelociRaptor Grid EA Worth 9 free version

SetName | The name of the current set file.

====== SETUP_Expert | Expert settings ======
Magic | Magik individual number. The advisor needs to be able to distinguish their business orders from third-party or manual trading advisors.
TakeProfit | The value of making a profit (Take Profit).
StopTradeAfterTP | If true, the expert advisor will stop opening new positions after closing the active grid.
My laverage | Leverage Filter: No new grid commands will be opened if the current symbol leverage is less than specified in the configuration.

Maximum propagation | Define the maximum allowable difference to open the first grid order. When MaxSpread> 0, the filter is activated.
If, on receiving a signal, the current spread is greater than the MaxSpread value, the entry is postponed and an attempt is made to enter the next mark. If no entry has been made for the current candle, entry to the next one is only possible if the signal is saved.

====== SETUP_Mmanagement | MoneyManagement Settings ======
Lot | The lot with which the first agreement will be opened on the grid. Yes DepositAutoMM > 0, and then Lot value is not taken into account.
DepositAutoMM | Set the value of the assigned deposit in 0.01 commercial lot (minimum). If the value is 0, the batch size is taken from the Batch variable.
(Example: the balance is 10,000, DepositAutoMM = 2,000, the initial batch with which the grid will be opened is 10,000 / 2,000 * 0.01 = 0.05)

MaxDD stop percentage | Maximum open layout (in%) in which a new basket is allowed to open.
MaxDD Release Percentage | Provision, on arrival at which the block prohibiting negotiation is removed.

LocalDD Closing Percentage | Mandatory closure of all orders when the specified withdrawal percentage is reached.
Currency filter | Suspension of opening operations in a currency, if there are already transactions in this direction. Designed to signal the need to stop / restore trading in the direction of existing transactions in the currency when opening a new transaction. If CurrencyFilter> 0, an entry delay will be activated after a signal appears in seconds. If CurrencyFilter = 0, the filter does not work.
For example, we opened EURUSD in BUY, which means we freeze the opening of transactions in EUR for BUY and for USD in SELL. That is, USDCAD will open on PURCHASE, but GBPUSD will not open on PURCHASE (SELL only). But in EURUSD, a new PURCHASE agreement will be opened to continue building the network. SELL bids from this pair will also be allowed as they have the opposite direction.
====== SETUP_MartinGrid | Martingale mode settings ======
Multiplier | The value by which the batch of the current open grid order will be multiplied. The batch of the next knee must be calculated.
(Example: the batch of the current open position is 0.1, Multiplier = 1.6, the next order of the grid will open with a lot of 0.16)
Distance| The minimum distance of the current price to the nearest open grid order in points, less than which the grid knee will not open in the next bar.
BaseLotLevelCount | Parameter of average. It is equal to the number of knees that will open sequentially with the base batch.
(Example: BaseLotLevelCount = 3, Lot = 0.1, Multiplier = 1.6. The network will be built with a lot: 0.1 – 0.1 – 0.1 – 0.16 – 0.25 …
Yes BaseLotLevelCount = 1 – average not taken into account)
BreakEvenLevel | The knee number on which the TakeProfit from all open positions will be transferred to the equilibrium point.
High level medium | The knee, from which an average of the grid is made for the last open batch.
Example: if AveragingHighLevel = 5, Batch = 0.1 and Multiplier = 2, the grid bundle will look like this: 0.1 – 0.2 – 0.4 – 0.8 – 0.8 – 0.8 … “

====== SETUP_Strategy | Strategy settings ==== ==
Strategy | 5 strategies to enter the market with the first order based on the analysis RSI, WPR and candles
Reverse signal | Function that activates the grid against the indicator signal
BothDirectionTrade | If true, the market is introduced at each indicator signal. if there is already a buy grid and a sell signal appears, we will open an additional grid.

====== SETUP_Indicator_RSI | RSI indicator parameters ======
RSI_Period| The number of candlesticks in the current bar to calculate the value of the RSI indicator.
RSI_MinMaxLevels | Configuring overbought / oversold levels of the RSI indicator.

====== SETUP_Design | Design settings ======
LabelColor | Information board text color
LabelFontSize |
PanelType panel Text size | Three options for choosing the background color of the info board
PanelTransparency | Set the board transparency value from 0 to 255.

All parameters must be specified in the “old” paragraphs.
Those. if you want to put TakeFrofit = 100 in a five-digit account or TakeFrofit = 10 in a four-digit account; in both cases, you must specify TakeProfit = 10.

Money management

How to define the risk you need:
For example, you want to set the 10% risk on the AUDJPY pair. Open the attached Excel spreadsheet. We put 10% on X column, la
balance for Auto_MM changes to 14,200. This means that to trade with a minimum lot of 0.01, you need 14,200 units. balance.
If your balance is 50,000, the first order will be opened with a lot of 0.03, as can be seen in the column G Since trading involves a large amount of steam for the manifestation of a significant decline, manually stop the traffic of inactive pairs (StopTradeAfterTP parameter), in order to reduce its increase in risks when important news is published and also avoid the correlation.


VelociRaptor Grid EA Worth 9 free version VelociRaptor Grid EA Worth 9 free version

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