Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Recent shares of gold, bond and U.S. dollar prices on Monday underscore the Fed’s shift toward a previous cut. The USD has lost ground today against most commodity currencies, with CAD, AUD and NZD the strongest, while the CHF, JPY and EUR lag behind as yields soar. . WE Yield 10 years after his fifth consecutive daily earnings, which seem to observe their next key target at 1.40% ahead of Wednesday’s U.S. CPI. Charles, president of the Chicago Fed Evans, a notable Fed pigeon, speaks today. He EURCAD long-term premium trade stopped at 1.47 and will be revalued later this week.

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Waiting for Evans as the taper chronology progresses - Bitcoin Ethereum Gold on August 10, 2021 (chart 1)

Monday’s JOLTS data underscored Friday’s strong non-farm payroll report. It placed June job offers at a record 10.07 million compared to the forecast 9.28 million. The dropout rate also rose to 2.7% from 2.5%. The abundance of jobs available indicates that payrolls will remain strong in the coming months.

Also Monday, the Bostic, of the Fed, said a month or two of strong job data would be enough to start a reduction. Bullard also echoed the saying that volume reduction should be faster than after the financial crisis.

He hawkish change continues to impact the market. It contributed to Monday’s fall in precious metals and maintains a dollar supply and selling in bonds. At the same time, Monday’s falls in oil and other commodities show the market is watching delta risks. In particular, China will have to deviate from its strategy of total suppression towards coexistence with the virus. It could be a messy process.

Looking to the future, the commentary on volume reduction has centered around well-known pigeons: Bullard, Kaplan and Waller predominantly. Powell’s points and comments suggest he is still a minority but on Tuesday evening, we will have news from Chicago Fed Chairman Evans. It often aligns with the core of the FOMC and a change from him would be a strong indication that Powell would post a September taper ad in Jackson Hole on August 26th.

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