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Settlement stock can be anything. From clothing, home and garden to electronics and consumer furniture. This includes toys, sporting goods, jewelry and watches and appliances. Liquidation stock is any type of inventory that has not been sold in stores or online, has been returned or damaged in any way, or is approaching the expiration date. For a retailer, this can become a loss if it takes up warehouse space. Therefore, to recover some of your losses, this inventory is declared liquidation stock and you need to make a quick exit. And for UK resellers, exclusive traders, job enthusiasts and free shop owners, clearance funds can be extremely valuable.

Knowing where to look is the most important part. Before we know where to buy liquidation shares, we will go into more detail about what liquidation shares are, how you can make money selling them, and who the liquidation shares are best for. We’ll even share some top buying tips so you can start reselling this inventory as soon as possible.

What is settlement stock?

Liquidation stocks are essentially surplus assets that are transferred to ownership. When a company wants to undergo a securities liquidation, it is usually to make way for a new inventory. Space is more valuable than the inventory in which they have already invested and which has not been sold or returned. Therefore, to recover some of its losses, this inventory becomes liquidation stock.

Excess inventory, returned merchandise, damaged inventory and more can end up as liquidation stocks. This leads us to our next section …

Can You Make Money Selling Settlement Shares?

It is important to note that liquidation shares are usually sold well below cost. Since some of these items were not sold for the first time or have been returned and cannot be returned to the shelves, the initial investment in inventory has already been lost. The good news is that you can get liquidation shares and resell them to get more. After all, liquidation stocks can be a perfectly good inventory, so you can reap the economic benefits.

So the answer is yes. You can buy massive amounts of clearance stock and then resell the items closer to the PVP (Recommended Retail Price) to your customers.

Who are the liquidation actions for?

If you have a large or small business, you probably want to save time and money whenever possible. Well, you can increase efficiency by getting large amounts of authorization. The following is a quick list of buyers who may benefit from the purchase of settlement shares:

  • Sole traders
  • Free shop owners
  • Convenience store owners
  • e-commerce companies
  • Massive buyers for:
    • Flea markets
    • Car boot sales

Discounted inventory is usually sold by the pallet and can involve a lot of work. Work lots are a grouping of items sold as a single batch. Therefore, they are basically an assortment of goods for sale as a single quantity. This means you can get a lot of inventory for your business at once. These packages are mixed, meaning there will be a range of products in different conditions and categories.

Where can you buy settlement shares?

Companies may also want to protect their brand image by not liquidating stocks in stores, but by selling it to qualified buyers or third parties.

Wholesalers / distributors

Wholesalers are suppliers who have huge selections of bankruptcy and liquidation stock, as well as bulk merchandise and surpluses in their own warehouses. They often buy directly from retailers. However, they will add additional brands as they contain hundreds of thousands of products and need to remain profitable. They then distribute their inventory to select buyers.


This auction-based site has a wide audience of active buyers and sellers around the world. You can find lots of work authorization stock at auction in almost any category. The downside is that you don’t have much control over the condition or quantity of the product, as many batches of work will not be manifested. A manifest is a document that accompanies each batch detailing the included inventory. Because you can’t physically touch or view the seller’s inventory before you buy, the detailed manifesto essentially gives you the store. So without any, things can get a little chaotic – see the example below.

settlement stock

It is impossible to take pictures of everything, there may be some surprises. For example, a shoe image can make up half of the pallet. Imagine getting caught up in an unusual shoe size such as 2.5 (35 US); you might be sitting in this inventory for a while.

Private markets

Private markets are a way for large retailers and manufacturers to quickly unload their licensing stock while making money. Registered buyers can easily bid for massive amounts of clearance stock of any category, with conditions ranging from new to light use to recovery. And with an online auction site, you’ll never pay more than you want in batches.

Here are some markets:

  • B-Stock Supply Europe: Our own B-Stock Supply Europe is an online auction market where small businesses / resellers can obtain returned merchandise and surplus from other companies. Buy thousands of categories from hundreds of vendors, all in one place.
  • Amazon Liquidation Auctions Europe: You can find over-returned electronic products and customers, kitchen, home and garden, pet essentials, toys, basic items for kids and babies, pantry and groceries, books, music and games, clothing , sports and outdoor, automotive, beauty, pharmacy, health and personal care; as well as mixed batches.
  • Wayfair EU Clearance Auctions: Buy lots of returns from Wayfair EU customers. Wayfair is a popular marketplace if you are looking for the best kitchen and dining room furniture, lighting, home office, bedrooms and exteriors, rugs, mattresses and more.
  • Crazy Clearance Auctions: Whether you’re looking for clothing, footwear, furniture, small appliances and more, Crazy Clearance has a good combination of excess inventory.
  • Unilever Europe Auctions: In the Unilever market, you can find inventory of beauty, personal care and food and beverages from new conditions from brands such as Dove, Parsley, Omo, Skip and more. Buy truck loads and less truck loads depending on the needs of your business.

Tips for buying liquidation shares

Get a VAT ID number

To purchase settlement shares, you must be registered as a business and provide a VAT ID number. VAT means value added tax and allows you to buy lots of jobs without taxes, in the hope that you will cover that tax on your customers when an item is sold. For VAT exemptions and more information, visit this site.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Given that liquidation stocks can be sold to other distributors and liquidators, you always want to research before you buy. Try to avoid the brands that these middlemen often add to the price of the merchandise (while compiling the most valuable inventory for themselves). Look for reviews and check the current retail rate.

Think of the UK market

What type of inventory will work well and when? If you purchase a pair of swimwear stock pallets, you may have more difficulty selling them in the middle of winter. Think about where your customers are geographically before buying liquidation shares that you may not be able to sell. Not only seasonality should be taken into account, but also other trends in the UK market, such as holiday sales which could lead to an influx of retail returns and liquidation stock.

Choose a category that makes sense to you

It is important to understand the items you are trying to sell. If you don’t know a lot about consumer electronics, you may find it difficult to purchase clearances. For example, if you buy or read frequently about electronic products, you are probably looking for relevant information such as product specifications and part numbers. If it is important to you as a buyer, your customers will want to know the same information on your listing.

Always calculate what your potential benefits will be

Use spreadsheets to organize your authorization stock search. You want to consider the status or quality of the product, what the current rate is, the currency in which it is sold (if any), where it is shipped from, and the number of units, to name a few. And don’t let this shipment get you close! Budget on shipping costs when calculating potential benefits.

Learn the usual online auction conditions

Learn about online auction terms, such as a bidding offer and a popcorn bid. All bids placed in a B-Stock market act as “proxy” bids. Your representative bid is essentially the maximum amount. Our system uses the proxy bid amount to make incremental bids on your behalf. Therefore, you do not need to return to increase your offer.

If a bid is made in the last five minutes of an auction, the auction completion time will be automatically extended for an additional three minutes. It’s called “Popcorn Bidding” and offers all bidders the same chance of winning an auction if a last-minute bid is made.

Try inventory management tools

Shopify and QuickBooks are two powerful tools for tracking any clearance stock you buy. In Shopify, it’s easy to add products, adjust inventory levels, and see when something is about to run out. You can even get an add-on to notify you when inventory levels fall below a certain threshold.

With QuickBooks, you can manage cash flow, track payments, import invoices from different vendors, and connect your bank so you can view and classify transactions in one place. In addition, there is support for various currencies, self-assessment management and VAT shipping functions.

Look for ways to save on shipping

Do you want to buy liquidation shares in the UK / EU? Here are some ways to save on shipping. You can search for nearby stores, consider consolidated shipments or find free shipping to B-Stock Supply Europe. Remember that the pallet or truck sells clearance stocks, so look at the size of the auction and the shipping budget.

If you decide which auction size to buy, read more about the new shipping size available on Amazon EU.

Origin liquidation shares in B-Stock

If you are trying to buy bulk inventory or grow inventory in a specific category, B-Stock can help. Small businesses and startups can buy delivery stocks and returned items directly from retailers like Amazon and Wayfair. In doing so, they purchase quality pieces that people want, directly from the retailer or brand, and sell them at incredibly low prices, which is very appealing to buyers.

Ready to start shopping? B-Stock liquidation stock auctions are a great way to get a lot of inventory at a great price. Just sign up today to get started.

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