Wed. Dec 8th, 2021 (CRO) is a topic that frequently comes up on my blog, and this is pretty much due to the excellent value that the project brings to me.

In its earlier iteration, it was known as Monaco which I blogged about back in November 2017, and competed in the space alongside TenX. Three years is equivalent to a lifetime in crypto space, and both TenX and Wirecard have gone the way of the dodo-bird.

Despite my initial reservations, (must be a really, really expensive domain name to acquire) has proven me wrong and emerged as an important project that I’m using on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis.

Many people are confused over what exactly the project is all about with its numerous components, and it’s not easy to explain what is all about in a just few words – but if you were to ask me, I’ll probably segregate it into four distinct parts –

  1. Mobile app i.e. flagship product
  2. Visa card
  3. Crypto exchange
  4. Blockchain

This blog post isn’t going to be an explainer-type of blog post as you can get detailed information from’s official website.

What I’ll do below is to try and relate the ways that I’m currently using the project and share some of its core components, which I thought would be more helpful to everyone.

P/S – if you’re just here for the referral code or link, scroll all the way to the bottom.

1. Mobile App (and Staking Tiers)

Without a doubt, there would be no if there is no accompanying mobile app. In fact, for a lot of people, the mobile app is probably the only product that they have interacted with.

For a start, the can be easily downloaded from the (Apple) App Store or Google Play and yes, it is a centralized custodian product – you don’t own your private keys.

In exchange for making that huge compromise, you get free access to plethora of features and benefits exclusive to the eco-system including –

  • Buy and sell crypto (debit/credit card, bank transfers and Xfers supported)
  • Stake for rewards
  • Earn returns (up to 14% p.a.) on crypto
  • Pay (up to 10% back, in CRO)
  • Loan via crypto as collateral
  • Send crypto to fellow app users at no fees

a. Stake

The amount of the benefits that we are able to enjoy from the ecosystem is determined by the amount of CRO tokens that we are currently “staking” – consider it as an act of locking cryptocurrencies to receive rewards.

In Singapore dollar (SGD) terms, user tiers are determined by the dollar-value of CRO tokens at the point of staking –

  • Midnight Blue – $0
  • Ruby (Red) Steel – $500
  • Royal Indigo (Purple) / Jade Green – $5,000 [ I’m here ]
  • Frosted Rose Gold / Icy White – $50,000
  • Obsidian (Black) – $500,000

As I’m a legacy-user from the era of Monaco (MCO) tokens, I’m only required to stake 10,000 CRO tokens (currently about S$1,600) for the Royal Indigo tier.

This earns me 10% p.a. on the 10,000 CRO tokens (paid weekly). Frankly speaking, nothing exciting. That’s like 19 CRO tokens or S$3.30 weekly.

My thoughts – Not mind-blowing but nevertheless, nice to have! Makes me feel like my CRO tokens aren’t just sitting there doing nothing.

b. Earn

I’m not currently using the Earn feature, but this is the amount of rewards I can potentially earn by depositing USDC stablecoins.

My thoughts – Percentage-wise, this is comparable to what I’m currently getting on Hodlnaut but there is a 3-month lock in this instance. Competitive, nevertheless.

c. Buy/Sell Crypto

I have a few streams of crypto income that I choose to convert into Singapore dollars sometimes.

One option I have is to send crypto to my mobile app wallet before cashing out to my bank account via account-linked Xfers into my POSB bank account (sample illustration below).

Sure, I understand that I incur a few percentage points friction in the process of doing this (there are more optimal ways) but I can literally complete this process effortlessly in a matter of minutes if I needed to.

It is never a bad idea to have too different options available as our disposal.

My thoughts – Great convenience at higher cost is sometimes a worthy trade-off.

d. Pay

The in-built Pay feature does four things by using CRO tokens –

  • Buy gift cards
  • Buy pre-paid mobile airtime for Singtel, M1 and Starhub
  • Scan QR code for merchants that support Pay
  • Send crypto to friends

The only feature that I have used is to buy gift cards, specifically Giant supermarket ones. Bought a $10 gift card for 62 CRO tokens and received 10% back!

This is especially appealing due to the on-going promotion for 2X Pay Rewards of up to 10% back for grocery gift cards of brands : 7- Eleven, Cold Storage, Dairy Farm Group, Fairprice Online, Giant, Grab Mart.

More details here and promotion lasts till 30 September 2021.

My thoughts – Just 5% is appealing enough for money I would have spent anyway (groceries) .. let alone 10%!

2. Visa Card

One can’t really talk about the mobile app without talking about the Visa card, because the two are so tightly related to one another.

Since my first blog post back in 2017, the Visa card has repeatedly found its way into my wallet and kept its spot – which is no mean feat, considering that I’m a miles collector with plenty of credit cards that I rotate over time.

Advertised as being able to get up to 8% cash-back (in CRO tokens), technically this is true. Despite the ridiculously high percentage, most people like myself would only be able to utilize 2% or 3% – which is still pretty good. Again, a reminder that a CRO stake is necessary to get 3% for my Royal Indigo tier.

Once again, an on-going promotion for Singapore users meant that I’m currently getting 12% cash back (monthly cap at S$50) for the following category of merchants –

More details here and promotion lasts till 30 September 2021. This is why I’m writing this post because the amount of value we can get out of it is pretty insane right now.

Even after hitting the (calendar) monthly cap, we can still fall-back on the Pay option for 10% back mentioned in the earlier section.

I have also written extensively on the primary benefits of the Visa card such as free Spotify and Netflix so I won’t repeat myself here.

The balance on my Visa card can be topped up either by (1) selling crypto or (2) via a credit/debit card. This is done prior to actual transactions with the Visa card, so crypto-to-SGD conversions doesn’t happen on the fly. These days, I’m primarily selling crypto to top-up my Visa card.

My thoughts – I still feel that the Ruby Steel tier represents the best value for money right now, but Royal Indigo is decent if you’re a Netflix fan and global travel resumes soon. 3% rebate for everything is great, but 12% is fantastic!

3. Exchange

To be perfectly honest, the exchange isn’t one that I use on a regular basis – because the selection of coins isn’t as diverse and liquidity isn’t as deep as the ones I’m able to get on Binance (10% rebate for you) or FTX (5% rebate for you).

Then again, it’s all about redundancy and additional options in my crypto toolkit for maximum flexibility.

In situations whereby other exchanges are unavailable or suffering from degraded capabilities,’s exchange is the one that I’ll go back to with ease due to its seamless integration with the mobile app.

I can quickly and easily fund /transfer seamlessly between the exchange and app at zero fees.

Also, I thought it is useful to point out that withdrawal fees for stablecoins USDT and USDC is only $5 which isn’t too bad. If you think the exchange is a good-to-have, feel free to sign up here. Do note that it is managed as a separate account to the mobile app.

Additional features of the exchanges (that I hardly use) include –

  • Stake & Earn – stake CRO on exchange to enjoy benefits like trading rebates and interest
  • Syndicate – fundraising platform for digital assets
  • Supercharger – liquidity mining platform for DeFi tokens
  • Trading Arena – trading competitions

My thoughts – Nifty backup trading option to have access to, considering that it is tightly integrated with the app.

4. Blockchain (not ERC-20)

Many people don’t actually know that has its own blockchain.

The Chain is a public, open-source and permissionless blockchain – a fully decentralized network with high speed and low fees, designed to be a public good that helps drive mass adoption of blockchain technology through use cases like Payments, DeFi and NFTs.

The history goes back to chain being a Cosmos-based ($ATOM) protocol with Tendermint Core as its consensus engine. Many people are not aware that many well-known projects in the Cosmos eco-system include Binance, Terra and Thorchain.

Yes, it isn’t always necessary to start from scratch to build and design an entirely new blockchain for every single team or project.

And so, the benefit of choosing the Cosmos gold-standard construction is that it opens up plenty of doors for connectivity to compatible blockchains via inter-blockchain communication (IBC).

Literally, the internet of blockchains.

Today, I can be staking my $ATOMS and converting my staking rewards into $CRO at Osmosis, the first Cosmos automated market maker (AMM) protocol designed for cross-chain assets.

From there, I can withdraw my $CRO into my Keplr wallet on chain before sending them to my app (be sure to use the right CRO address) – all in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

And the best thing? At low, or even zero fees.

Then, I’ll go back to (1.) or (2.) depending on whether I want to cash-out my crypto assets into my bank account or top-up my Visa card for future expenses.

My thoughts – Inter-blockchain communications is the killer feature that has reduced a significant amount of friction.

Ending Thoughts : Excellent Fiat Off-ramp

The core theme to this blog post is that basically functions as one of my crypto-to-fiat off-ramp into the real world where USD or SGD still reigns supreme.

Of course, there are also plenty of benefits that I’m currently extracting out of the project, and it would be foolish not to do so.

Even for someone who isn’t that interested in crypto, it is still possible to load the Visa card with SGD and take advantage of the various perks.

My thoughts – The strength of the team isn’t in its individual offerings (app, Visa card, exchange and blockchain) but the fact that they have managed to do a pretty good job at integrating them into a single coherent, seamless eco-system that an user like myself can interact with – and that is actually really difficult to achieve.

You were Saying Partnerships?

This year, has snagged a number of high profile partnerships that have boosted its brand awareness to new heights amongst the non-crypto population.

Crypto was how I first got to learn about the team, but the project is now usable by the general masses with little or no exposure to crypto.

Zoomph analyzed the value of a single tweet above. Can you imagine the number of eyeballs that have landed on the logo by now?

My thoughts – I see this as a good sign of the continued push towards adoption by the masses as the main goal instead of remaining just a crypto-centric product.

Chance to win SGD$50

Promotion exclusive to Singapore users – a total of 100 new cardholders will stand a chance to win SGD$50 of CRO each. is giving away a total of SGD 5,000 to 100 users who reserve a Visa Card during the promotional period between now and 30 September 2021.

To participate:

  1. Stake CRO to apply for a metal Visa Card during the promotional period.
  2. Take a picture of your Card and what you bought with it.
  3. Then, post the photo on Twitter or Instagram, tag accordingly (@cryptocom on Twitter or @cryptocomofficial on Instagram), and include the hashtag #cryptocomSGCard.
  4. will select the 100 winners with the most creative posts at the end of the promotional period.

Sign up and reserve your Visa Card now! More promo details here plus terms and conditions.

Guaranteed USD$25 Sign-up Bonus

Guess what? I finally have my own exclusive invite code turtleinvestor courtesy of – all thanks to the team!

Say you are interested in signing up for and staking for a Ruby Steel Visa card, why not make use of my dedicated referral link and we’ll both get a US$25 bonus in the process. (Referral T&C details is here)

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