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We now have many software trading options in India. In our previous post, I also discussed the pros and cons of options trading. Currently, Quantsapp is the no. 1 software options in india. Today I would like to talk about Why Quantsapp Web is the number 1 options trading software in India?

Before delving deeper into this topic, we need to consider why we need it. Option traders know that the price of options is made in some complex parameters called Greek. Therefore, it is necessary to count on the help of some programs to simplify things. This software helps us to project gains and losses during the expiration of contracts. There are many things to consider before entering an options trade. Only software can calculate all these things in a matter of seconds and deliver them before making a business decision.

Therefore, the role of software is very important in options trading. We studied software like Sensibull, Zerodha Streak and many others before coming to a conclusive decision. Quantsapp web, by far, is the most efficient software for options trading in India. We will analyze the benefits step by step later.

How to get Quantsapp?

Frequently asked questions

What is Quantsapp?

Quantsapp or Quantsapp web is a software for options trading.

Why Quantsapp?

You can simply trade your options through this platform.

Why change options?

Options trading offers traders multiple advantages. You can win abruptly or lose all your investments in no time. In addition, you can earn consistently on a regular basis with the help of options.

Does the Quantsapp website also have a mobile app?

Yes. You can download the mobile app for mobile use.

How much does money cost?

Quantsapp is basically a free software for options trading. But you can also use their premium services by paying the subscription.

Does the Quantsapp website offer advisory services?

Quantsapp’s premium services include many features. One of them is the counseling service. The company provides these services to its premium customers.

The advantages of options trading software, the Quantsapp website

Today options are a very popular trading instrument in the stock market. As traders increasingly focus on options trading, more and more companies are offering more developed options trading platforms. All of these platforms focus on the user interface. Options are a complex trading tool, traders need software to facilitate complex calculations. Therefore, options software has become the only solution.

If the complex nature of options is kept in view, option trading platforms have become smarter. Therefore, we have at our disposal many of these smart options trading platforms. Now marketers can compare the benefits of this software. Quantsapp is a similar type of software for options trading. They have a lot of clever tricks in their kitten. So let’s delve into its features.

quantsapp web, options trading software
Quantsapp Web, Options Trading Software

Features of Quantsapp web, options trading software

Quantsapp’s catch line is: “Simplified Complex Options.” According to the catch line, they created this options trading platform to simplify things for traders. Therefore, smart traders will find it very effective.


This platform provides you with many useful tools. There are 30 free tools. There are 15 intraday tools, 20 positioning tools, 1 options algorithm and 5 essential tools.

Intraday tools from the Quantsapp website, the options trading software
  1. Synopsis: is a simplified color-coded FnO. Show market movement data, heat map, etc. So you know what stocks move the market.
  2. FnO News: Shows what big changes there are in FnO data. So analyze and prepare for your next trade.
  3. Open interest: shows data and changes in the OI. It is also a good business setup tool.
  4. Option string: is another FnO dataset. In addition, it shows the existing data of resistance to the support.
  5. Maximum pain: These are data of maximum pain.
  6. Built: Shows color-coded sector settings.
  7. Earnings: Shows the levels at which writers ’options earn the most.
  8. Option Triggers: Selected actions before my big move.
  9. Stop target: helps set up stop-loss and target.
  10. Index Contributor: Shows market leaders and laggards.
  11. SGX Nifty: Shows you the SGX Nifty before the market curve.
  12. Advance-Decrease: This tool shows the periodic amplitude of the market.
  13. FnO Scanner: Based on IV, price movement, and OI, you can scan FnO data changes.
  14. Horseback riding index: Here you will see the price changes on horseback. So the trade is on horseback at a glance.
  15. Market News: Get the latest news and updates here.
Market profits
Position tools
  1. Winner and loser: Check the price projection of futures at different maturities.
  2. Administrator: Manage your position, add it, or exit. Get target or stop-loss visit alerts.
  3. Pair trading: Find correlation and therefore find new pairs.
  4. Architect: Create your own strategy for different expiration rewards.
  5. Open Interest: Check the open interest data and the OI change.
  6. iv – Check the different volatility parameters involved here like IVP, IVR, HV vs IV, etc.
  7. PCR: Find the put ration call. Look for OIPCR ends and trade accordingly.
  8. Trap Indicator: Shows something proprietary when option writers get caught.
  9. Backtesting: Run backtesting to optimize any strategy.
  10. Rollover: Compare rollover data with the current expiration date.
  11. Data on participants: volume and other data of market participants.
  12. Results Calendar: Create an iv-based business configuration from the results calendar.
  13. Advance-Decrease: breadth of the historical market and analysis of net progress.
  14. Seasonality: decode historical data.
  15. Horseback riding index: Check all horseback riding price changes in different touches.
  16. Market news
  17. Results analysis: Analyze the prices of previous and subsequent results and perform the back test.
  18. Comparative analysis: real-time FnO data analysis.
  19. OI across the market: Check historical PCR and daily PCR data.
  20. Ban Hist: list of prohibited values.
  1. Optimizer: It’s a great tool. This something shows you the best possible trades from 200 million probable trades. In addition, this tool optimizes the best trading based on the strategy according to the forecast of traders. Therefore, you can choose the best possible trade according to the parameters set by you.
Essential tools
  1. Circular: Traders know all the circulars that are shared from the stock exchanges.
  2. Prohibition List: Form it, traders can know that the shares that will be there will be banned from the trading list or are already banned.
  3. Liquidity Finder: This tool shows the stocks with the most liquidity.
  4. Options Calculator: This tool shows the price movement of options with respect to market volatility or withdrawal.
  5. Holidays: Shows when trades remain closed, NSE Holidays.

Pros and cons


There is no doubt that the Quantsapp website is a very good options trading software. But there must be some reason to call it the NO.1 software for options trading. There are already a few more programs on the market. These are popular programs and marketers use them as well. Some are Sensibull, Streak, Stockedge, Elearnoptions and some others. In addition, marketers use Excel spreadsheets to build business strategies and operations. In addition, stockbrokers allow their platforms to build strategies and trade. People also take help of standalone software like Amibroker to create strategy and trading options. But none of them are as feature-rich as the Quantsapp website.

A few years ago there was no research-based options trading software like Quantsapp. Here you will get all the historical data for further testing. Before, they only had a few companies. Therefore, regular traders could not buy the data. It was so expensive that we had no way of having them. Therefore, the greeks complicated options were always out of reach. Quantsapp made it possible. The platform is technically very rich and fluid. You can create many option strategies here and try them again. Some of these are IVP, IVR, HV, OIPCR, etc. In addition, there are indicators such as the trap indicator. This is a proprietary indicator that tells you when the editor options are trapped and change position. We don’t usually get these positions easily.

So in terms of technical capability, this is the number 1 options trading platform in India. I can’t name any other that has so many features. But of course, all of these facilities are not free. Many of them receive the premium subscription.


Quantsapp has many attractive features for premium subscribers. Therefore, a new entrant will only get 7 days to see the premium features.

Second, when you visit the website, it always insists on you doing training and courses. This is a bit unsettling.

Third, they have the business of consulting together. Subscribers in the advisory section are not well valued by traders. The market movement has its own impetus. Therefore, you may not get it right every time. Trading with advisory tips depends heavily on traders. How traders can handle it.

Last words on the options trading platform, the Quantsapp website

When you have such a good platform for creating option strategies, there is no point in advising you. Rather, you should learn more about options trading. You should also focus more on backtesting and knowing the success rate before applying a strategy. That way, you are prepared in advance for what you can expect. You know how much you can lose the most. There are many videos available from where you can get good training on options trading. Therefore, use these web Quantsapp features and optimize the efficiency of this options trading software.

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